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Tips for Bathroom Organization 


egardless of tiny or huge your bathroom, the manner in which you organize it is the major determinant of how well it will serve you. A good and calm day begins at the bathroom. A clean and organized bathroom makes everything ready at arm’s reach thus improving the efficiency of the bathroom while at the same time helps to save time. The organization is the best way to make your bathroom more perfect.

The following tips for bathroom organization

Tip 1: Hanging Wire Crate

The rim the pedestal sink of a counterless bathroom is always the best place to start your bathroom organization. You can design a hanging wire crate. All you need to do is use suction hooks to stick the wire organizer directly into the wall above. Adding clip-on name tags help to keep the supplies separated. The open grid frame makes sure the handles of the toothbrushes stay goop-free and dry. You can buy the hanging wire crate at an affordable cost.

Tip 2: Install Spice Racks

Spice racks are common in the kitchen but they offer the best when it comes to bathroom organization. You can use the inexpensive spice racks that you use in your kitchen to store all your daily bathroom products at an easy-to-reach level.

Tip 3: Meds Cabinet Organizer

The things that clutter a bathroom most are toothpaste, toothbrushes, and combs which take considerable space if they are not well organized. A tip for bathroom organization is to add flat-backed, self-adhesive cups on the inner side of your cabinet door and hold them efficiently. Ensure the doors can close by putting thin items in the areas where the cups will go.

Tip 4: Pretty Baskets Mounted On the Wall

For towel storage, you can install nicely designed baskets. Besides functionality, basket towel storage will help you add some texture to your bathroom. You can keep towels as well as other necessities on the baskets mounted on the bathroom wall. You can choose the design and color that matches your bathroom décor.

Tip 5: File box bathroom organizer

Remember the file box in your home office or the office at work. If you can get your hands on any file box whether a used one from office or home or one you bought from a store then you can fix it in your bathroom. Just place wall hooks on the side of your sink to hang up the file box. The organizer is perfect in size for the storage of your go hair tools.

Tip 6: Make an Organizer with an Old Chair

If you can find an old chair with vertical back slats then you can beautifully transform it to make an elegant and functional bathroom organizer. You can do this by repositioning it into a whimsical shelf and towel rack. If you cannot get such old chair then you can order a customized one from the Rusty Bucket.

Tip 7: Make Use Of Magnets to Organize Your Bathroom

This only applies if you have a metal back for your medicine cabinet. You can greatly increase its storage capacity by attaching everyday necessities made of metal with magnets. To improve the appearance of plane magnets, you can glue floral fabric to add picturesque space for nail clippers, bobby pins as well as eyelash curlers.

Tip 8: Organize with a Cosmetics Carousel

A cosmetics carousel is readily available on online retail outlets. You can find a fashionable cosmetic carousel with enough baskets to hold all shapes and sizes of cosmetics. Choose one that rotates fully at 360 degrees to allow for easy access to the cosmetics. Look for a good one such as the one in this picture.

Tip 9: Use Baskets Hanging On Towel Bars

Baskets are incredibly attractive and versatile because they are capable of holding almost anything. A good way to make your bathroom more perfect is to hang them on towel rods just above the toilet with craft ribbons. Alternatively, you can hang them with S-hooks to make them removable.

Tip 10: Stow Spare Rolls on Roll Holder

It is embarrassing to learn that you have depleted your rolls of toilet paper. A good way to organize your bathroom and provide for spare toilet paper rolls is to install a roll holder. You can use a clear glass vase or repurpose an umbrella stand. The role holder will provide an elegant way of stacking the rolls and you will know just by taking a glance that your supply needs refilling.

Benefits of Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom is not just to declutter it. You stand a chance of making good savings because you will be aware of what you have at hand since you are unlikely to go for duplicates. Furthermore, organizing the bathroom will make all your bathroom supplies readily available thus eliminating your stress in the morning and helping with time management. With such organization, cleaning your bathroom will be a snap.


The easiest way to achieve the best from your bathroom regardless of its size is to ensure it is perfectly organized. There are many ways to achieve bathroom organization with the above-discussed tips are just a few of the best. Try them out and you will fall in love with your bathroom.

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