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This guide will help you deal with every pressing bathing problem and make it more perfect!

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet Yourself 

Knowing the cause of the leak is a vital part if you want to know how to fix a leaky faucet yourself. In most cases, the causes of the leaks are common. Ignoring such problems can lead to serious damages that can force you to replace the faucet, an undertaking …

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How to Clean a Shower Panel

Shower panels systems are parts of modern bathroom décor. Not only do they add aesthetics to the bathroom but they also enhance the showering experience. However, chemicals you use in the bathroom, as well as soap, can cause soap scum and mildew that can dent the panels and make them …

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Tips for Bathroom Organization 

The following tips for bathroom organization Tip 1: Hanging Wire Crate The rim the pedestal sink of a counterless bathroom is always the best place to start your bathroom organization. You can design a hanging wire crate. All you need to do is use suction hooks to stick the wire …

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How Do I Clean Sliding Shower Doors? 

Besides, hard water may despite chemicals that with time will discolor the door. To make it worse, the opaque material used in constructing these doors make the dirt more visible ruining the presentation of your bathroom. Without proper cleaning, such dirt may not only be unsightly but may also harbor …

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How to fix a Leaky – shower slow drip?

First and foremost, place rags on the shower floor directly below the faucets to prevent small parts from going down the drain when they drop as well as to protect the surfaces. Make sure that you have turned off the supply of water before dismantling the shower valve. Then proceed …

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How to change a shower head?

Replacing the shower head of your shower is something that you cannot escape. The process is simple and you can do it by yourself. First, begin by turning off your shower’s water faucet. Changing the hand-held shower head does not require disconnection of the water supply. Using a soft cloth, wrap …

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How to Clean a Shower Head?

The process takes little time and effort. You need to start by dismantling your shower head by turning it clockwise. Unscrew it to detach it. You can use your hands to do this but in case it proves to be difficult, unfasten it using an adjustable wrench. Position a rag …

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