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How to change the diverter on a shower head?

A faulty shower diverter will interfere with regulation of the flow of water to the shower head. A problem with the water flow to the faucet will leave you with no option but to replace the diverter. Do not worry. This is a simple task that you handle. Cut off …

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How to repair your shower hose – handheld shower head?

Repairing your shower hose may appear as a dirty and heavy task but it is one of the simplest home improvement tasks you will ever come across. A damaged shower hose robs you the comfort of enjoying your shower to the maximum. A shower that hardly splutters water is not …

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How to fix a broken shower head

But what happens if your hand-held shower stops working? Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you repair your own broken shower head: In order to prevent any of the shower problems mentioned in this article, these are the steps you should follow: Soaking your shower in …

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