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How to increase shower head water pressure

Cleaning the screen to increase showerhead pressure To clean a blocked showerhead screen, first remove the shower head from the arm supply pipe. If it’s too tight and you want to protect the showerhead finish, use a wrench and a rag. The screen is located right at the showerhead’s inlet …

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Top 3 Cheap Showerheads

After thorough research and comparison of the showerhead brands currently present in the market, we have realized a few interesting facts that could help you find the best yet affordable fitting for your bathroom. In this post, we will give you in-depth review and comparison of the top 3 cheap …

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Best shower filter reviews: The ultimate guide in 2022

With so many companies venturing into the production of shower filters, you can only expect to see several brands in the market. The obvious fact is that not all shower filter brands are identical and feature the same level of performance. This makes it vital for you to find the …

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Best rain shower head reviews: The ultimate guide in 2022

Being on this website, I believe you are among those who really understand the benefits of rain shower heads but for one reason or another, you are lost for choice in deciding the best rain shower head to purchase. Luckily, we have done the research on your behalf and come up …

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Best Shower Panel System Reviews: The ultimate guide in 2022

About  Shower Panel System Votamuta 55″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel Bathroom panels are available in various materials. Such materials include: brushed chrome, cleaned chrome, collectible Metal, cleaned metal, bronze covered with oil, Satin nickel, stainless steel, and copper. Technology has seen to it that Bathroom panels are joined by …

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