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How to unclog your showerhead

For those of us who live in hard water areas, the build-up of lime-scale and other minerals is a real pain. However good your shower head is, you still have to look after it. I bought a Moen handheld shower head and it has helped –but I really look after it. I treat it on a regular basis before the lime-scale builds up. The trick is not to wait too long.

You need to unscrew the head and take it apart as much as you can. If there are several separate pieces, you might want to take photos as you go along so you can put it back together!

Once it’s in pieces, put it in a small bowl and pour de-scaler over and in the shower head. Cover it as well as you can because it runs out. You can either buy a commercial product or go green and use vinegarforget Balsamic – you need the cheapest you can find and in sizeable quantities. It works really well.

Leave it stand for an hour or so, turning it over occasionally to make sure every bit is thoroughly covered. You can use a stiff brush (not metal) to help it along.

After an hour, if you still see scale, then repeat the process. For really bad cases, you can soak it in boiling water before you start, (just as you run the coffee maker before de-scaling). Remove all rubber bits and check with the manufacturer that the metal won’t discolor.

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