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How to increase shower head water pressure

There are several ways to go about increasing handheld showerhead water pressure:

  • The first one is to clean the clogged screen right at the inlet of the showerhead.
  • The second option is to remove the showerhead water flow restrictor.

Cleaning the screen to increase showerhead pressure

To clean a blocked showerhead screen, first remove the shower head from the arm supply pipe. If it’s too tight and you want to protect the showerhead finish, use a wrench and a rag. The screen is located right at the showerhead’s inlet or handle. Remove it and clean it under running water to clear it of any sediment.Depending on showerhead’s model it’s advisable to remove the black donut shaped rubber piece called the gasket, from of the shower inlet head to ensure thorough cleaning. Be extremely attentive while removing the gasket so that you don’t damage it or the showerhead threadings.

Removing the flow restrictor

Almost all showerheads have flow restrictor sometimes referred to as flow controller. This gadget limits the water flow to less than three gallons per minute thus saves energy and water as well as your hard earned cash. Removing the water flow restrictor will increase the handheld showerhead water pressure as well as energy consumption.
Check the water heater to clear it of sediments Addressing the problems with hot water supply can be another alternative. This is in case you showerhead also produces hot water. Check if the problem might be coming from the hot water heater system. May be the sediment blocking the water heater or the hot water supply line. Thoroughly flush the hot water heater tank. You can hire an expert if you aren’t comfortable with the job. To ensure that this doesn’t happening again, please regularly replace the anode rod and Install a water softener to automatically clear the sediments. Remember, low water pressure on the handheld showerhead is mostly because of poor maintenance and not necessarily manufacturer default.

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