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How to fix a Leaky – shower slow drip?


leaking shower is not only irritating but also costly. There are many reasons to why a shower head may be leaking but this is no reason for rushing to hire the services of a plumber. Fixing the problem is easier than you could possibly imagine. Resist the temptation of turning the handle firmly as you can. This may cause the problem to escalate into something major. To avoid causing damage to the valve, just turn the faucets handle to its end without over-tightening it.

First and foremost, place rags on the shower floor directly below the faucets to prevent small parts from going down the drain when they drop as well as to protect the surfaces. Make sure that you have turned off the supply of water before dismantling the shower valve. Then proceed by detaching the faucet handle. Once you have detached the outer cover, unfastened the locking screw using a screw driver and set it aside.

Using a faucet puller or a screw driver, remove the handle from the faucet body by pulling it. Remove the sleeve and the trim that is over the faucet stem and pull the faucet stem from the valve body. Replace the flat washer, the seals and the O-rings. Use plumber’s grease to oil the threads before put back the parts. Attach back the handle and test the valve. If water is no longer leaking, put together all the parts.

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