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How to Fit an Electric Shower?

There is nothing more refreshing like coming home to a hot shower. The sense of tranquility and relaxation derived from it is off this world.

The most befitting way to warm your bath is through an electric shower. The shower uses a kettle which in turn heats water as it passes through the shower head. The beauty of an electric shower is that, it is possible to change the temperature rate of your bathing water.

With that said, it’s high time you ditched that old, cold sprinkling device : bring in your new and warm electric shower. I know what you are probably thinking; “how do I install my new electric shower?” Installing an electric shower can be daunting but with an easy to follow guide, the process can prove to be quite simple. Listed below is a step by step guide on how to fit an electric shower.

Step One

The first step involves choosing a an electric shower model that fits within your plumbing system. It is important to note that models that have a top, bottom, side and rear cable are the easiest to install. They also have entry points for easy and flexible routing of cables and pipes.
Such showers are designed for low pressure. The low pressure water system instantly boosts the flow resulting to a more invigorating showering experience.

Step Two

Run a 15mm pipe from your cold water supply to the wall where you will be fixing your shower unit. Hold you shower unit in position and identify where your water cable will pass through by using a Chinagraph pencil. You also need to identify a position for your power cable.

Step Three 

Use a masonry bit to drill holes on the marked positions. If you are drilling on a tiled surface, ensure that you use a masking tape to prevent the drill from slipping. When the selected holes have been drilled, feed your electric cable plus water pipe through the back plate of your shower unit. Instructions are usually provided on where to specifically feed either of them.

 After that screw the unit to the wall by using supplied screws.

Step Four 

 Connect your pipe in the area indicated as shower unit. You can use a pipe wrench to tighten the fitting.
The next step is to connect the cable to your unit by strictly fixing the neutral cores to the terminals marked as “load” and fixing the earth core to the earth terminal.

Step Five

Cover your unit and screw your rail on. Ensure that your rail is high enough to prevent dirty water from siphoning back into your clean supply.

Finally test your shower unit to see if it is working properly. If in deed your electric shower is functioning well, congratulate yourself for a job well done!

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