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How to Clean a Shower Panel

Shower panels systems are parts of modern bathroom décor. Not only do they add aesthetics to the bathroom but they also enhance the showering experience. However, chemicals you use in the bathroom, as well as soap, can cause soap scum and mildew that can dent the panels and make them look dirty and unsightly. Such influences can also interfere with their performance.

How to clean a shower panel should be a foremost concern to you before installing this bathroom catalog. You have to keep them clean at all times to ensure optimal performance. It does not require the services of a professional to clean your shower panel. All you need are the right tools and information on how to go about it.

Cleaning Your Shower Panel


  • Appropriate chemical cleaner
  • Scrubber/sponge
  • Plastic bag/garbage can
  • Rubber gloves
  • Old toothbrush or similar tool
  • White vinegar or other bleach
  • Zip-it cleaning tool (optional)

Steps To Clean a Shower Panel

Step 1: Clear the Bathroom of All Supplies

Before starting, you must remove all bathroom necessities such as conditioners, toothbrushes, body lotions, towels, and other bathing items. Emptying the space with ensuring cleaning efficiency and protect the bathroom items from chemical spillage and damage.

Step 2: Rinse the Bathroom Walls and Floor

It may not sound right but you must start by rinsing the shower panel. Using clean warm or hot water is ideal. A cup, pitcher, bucket or just any other conventional equipment can allow you to do this. A hot water will melt any body oils and other organic dirt that might deposit on those walls.

Step 3: Remove Mildew and Hard Water Spots

Every time you use soap, some residue usually deposit on the bathroom panel. From there, it mixes with organic compounds from your body to form unsightly and often unhealthy mold or mildew. To remove the mildew, you can use a mildew spray or a homemade concoction that can clean showers panels. Spray it on the walls and floor and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.

To remove hard water spots, just mix appropriate amounts of hot water with white vinegar in equal proportions and use the mixture to scrub the bathroom floor and walls.

Step 4: Clean the Shower Entrance

You need to take extra caution if your shower door is glass. You can clean them efficiency and perfectly use white vinegar. Nevertheless, other cleaning solutions are available if you consult your glass door manual for cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Step 5: Clean the Shower Tiles

Most bathrooms have tiles on their walls. To clean shower tiles, you need to loosen dirt present first with steam. Follow steaming by scrubbing the tiles with the right cleaning solution. A good alternative is a cleaning mixture consisting of white vinegar, ammonia, and baking soda. Clean the space between the tiles with a toothbrush or an appropriate alternative.

Step 6: Clean and Rinse the Showerhead

Detach the showerhead from its assembly and soak it in a bowl or cup of vinegar for a few hours to loosen the dirt. After a thorough soaking, scrub the shower head and rinse it with clean water. You should follow the showerhead manual to help you with cleaning and maintenance.

Step 7: Cleaning the Drain

This is where you will need a zip-it cleaning tool. This tool will allow you to remove air and waste material from the shower drain. Use a plastic bag or garbage can to hold leftovers. Do not handle the waste with your bare hands. Instead, wear rubber gloves.

Step 8: Remove hard-water build up and finish

The last step is to remove any hard water that has built up in the shower especially if you have not cleaned your shower for a long time. Do it by using an acid based solution to dissolve the build up or a paint scrubber.

Tips on Keeping a Shower Panel Clean

Cleaning a shower panel is a hard undertaking. It requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to ensure you do it perfectly. The following tips will help you keep a shower panel clean to reduce the frequency of cleaning.

  • Ensure you maintain a regular schedule when it comes to cleaning your shower.
  • Try using homemade cleaning solutions (especially vinegar), as they are safer. Ammonia is good but you must dilute it first.
  • Exercise a lot of caution when using cleaning agents and equipment to clean your shower panel. Very strong cleaning chemicals could damage your shower panel or be toxic to you. Do not use them unless you are sure you know what you are doing.
  • Consider using a heat lamp, a fan, or bathroom dehumidifier to maintain your shower panel if your bathroom has high levels of humidity.
  • Always keep your shower panel well ventilated to make your cleaning process easy.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Shower Panel

A dirty shower panel puts you at risk of infections besides making it extremely unsightly and reducing the quality of your bathroom. If you let your shower panel to get extremely dirty, chances are that it will be damaged when cleaning because you will have to use more force and stronger chemicals to remove the soap scum, mildew, and other dirt. This will translate to expenses that may run into hundreds of dollars.


Cleaning a shower panel may not be a walk in the park but it is extremely vital. Armed with the information above, you can set a date on a weekend to do the cleaning. Ensure you follow the tips to prevent any mishaps and unintended damage to your shower.

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