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Handheld shower head: An Ultimate Guide for 2022


average shower lasts for about 13 minutes. If you shower every single day, you will spend a total of 4,745 minutes (Almost 80 hours) on the shower per year which is a considerable amount of time. However, it can be a fun experience every time if you have a right shower designed showerhead. More particularly, the best handheld shower head can offer you convenience and confort – exactly what you need for at least 13 minutes of your day every day. This review will guide you through everything that you need to know about showers and handheld showerheads.

Top Rated Handheld Shower Head Reviews

Shower moments are very intimate moments that should not be compromised by a poor handheld shower head. Below are five of the best handheld showerheads from which you can make a selection.

Types of shower for a bathroom

There are five main types of shower that you can install in your bathroom. Each type has advantages and disavantages. They are explained below.

1. Standard Wall-Mount Showerhead

As the name suggests, this type of shower is mounted on the wall. It has a neck that can be adjusted slightly to change the direction of water. Recently, there are various designs of Standard Wall-Mount Showerhead. The designs vary basing on spray modes, the angle through which the neck can be adjusted, and the overall quality of the showerhead. Some has only one setting, while others package together massage, mist, and other shower effects.
The main benefit of installing this type of shower is that it is economical when compared to all the other types. Furthermore, those that have adjustable necks offer the flexibility because you can control the direction of the spray. On the downside, the fact that they are mounted makes them inappropriate for modern shower needs such as cleaning a pet.

2. Top-Mount Showerhead

Top-mount showerheads are fitted right above where you stand when in the shower so that water cascades dowm from above. A traditional top-mount shower design is usually hung from an extension arm. However, some modern top-mount showerheads are installed straightaway onto the ceiling.
One benefit of this showerhead design is that it works well for a bathroom with a low ceiling. It is also relatively durable when compared to other designs because it is not handled at all (unless during repair). However, it is the most inflexible because it limits your movement in the bathroom. You can only stand at a particular point if you want contact with water.

3. Sliding Bar Showerhead

This type of showerhead has been designed to be fairly flexible in movement. It features a section that moves up and down along a bar that has been mounted on the wall. The design is meant to cater for differences in height so that tall people can move the showerhead up as shot ones move it down. That ability marks its main benefit – ability to cater for personal preferences in terms of height. For that reason, it is a suitable showerhead for family use; especially when family members have heights that vary significantly. Its main downside is that the constant movement subjects it to fast wear and tear.

4. Shower Panel/Body Spray System

The shower panel or body spray system is the most customizable type of bathroom. It features multiple showerheads that are fixed inside the walls of the bathroom. Depending on your needs and preferences, the showerheads can be fixed on one or more walls. Each showerhead is a spigot that sprays water into a specific part of your body.
It is highly recommended because it can be customized for your needs. You can either buy a ready-made one whose spigots have been fitted based on the manufacturer’s specifications or you can make your own depending on your physical features (mainly height). Because the pressure of each spigot can be adjusted flexibly, the shower panel is great at spraying more water pressure where you desire. However, it can be disadvantageous to the ones whose physical features were not considered during the installation. In addition, when your physical traits change significantly, it can easily become obsolete.

5. Handheld Showerhead

The final type of showerhead is the handheld showerhead. Its name originates from the fact that you can remove it from its mounting position and hold it in your hand. For that reason, it is the most flexible showerhead that you can find. All you need to do is direct the head to where you want to spray water. It also features a 60 – inch hose making it convenient for other tasks such as cleaning pets and kids and scrubbing the shower enclosure.
The best model will come as a two-in-one combination that has a fixed side and a removable one so that you can choose whichever you prefer.

Advantages of a Handheld Shower Head

A hand held showerhead offers you multiple benefits. As already mentioned, it is the most flexible showerhead in the market today, and it can allow you to perform more tasks than just showering. Below are some of the advantages that are associated with handheld showerheads.
# Wash any part of your body: a handheld shower head is flexible enough for you to direct the water flow to any part of your body when you desire.

# Get fixed and unfixed parts: You don’t have to decide between fix mount or unfixed because it can do both! Therefore, it offers complete flexibility to switch between both modes with ease.

# Superb for children: a handheld showerhead allows you enough flexibility to direct the water spray onto any part of your kid’s body. It is a sure way of ensuring they are fully and thoroughly rinsed while still keeping yourself dry.

# Work well for the elderly: an elderly person will find it fairly hard to use other types of showerheads. However, with the handheld showerhead, they can spray water as slow as they desire and onto any part of their body. In addition to that, twisting and turning in the shower can be greatly reduced by using a hand held shower. This will reduce discomfort and reduce the chances of slips and falls.

# Easy to clean pets: if you have any pet, and you prefer to clean it in the bathroom, a handheld showerhead is your ultimate solution. Its hose can extend significantly, and it allows you to direct streams of water onto the specific part of your pet. Just make sure to give your shower a good clean once you’re done.

# Great for people with sensitive skin: there are people who are too sensitive to a strong flow of water. With a handheld showerhead, the stream can be adjusted weaker with less water.

Why Handheld Shower Head Is the Best Choice?

Compared to all the other four showerheads, a handheld showerhead is the ultimate best. It is diverse in scope because you can manipulate its pressure and direction with much ease. Below are some reasons that make it the best choice.
Easy bathroom cleaning: a handheld showerhead makes it very easy for you to clean the bathroom area (including the walls and floor). That is because it allows you to spray water on specific places that need attention.
Water conservation: other types of showerheads dispense more water than handheld ones. That means it allows you to conserve water and by extension you can save.
Highly flexible: a handheld showerhead can be controlled and managed easily. That makes it ideal with people with varying capabilities. For example, it can be comfortably used by the physically challenged as well as the elderly.

The “How” And “What” Of Handheld Shower Head

As mentioned already, handheld shower heads are among the five types of showerheads. They are the most priced, but the comfort and luxury that they come with are worth every single penny. Before we get into more details, let’s look at a simple definition of handheld shower head.

What is a handheld shower head?

In simple terms, a hand held shower head is a stationary that is attached to a source of water that is used for showering. It is referred to “a hand held’ because apart from the fact that it can be fixed somewhere, it can also be held in hand during the shower. For that reason, it can go anywhere that you need it to go. To aid that role, it is fitted with a flexible hose of appropriate length (60 to 72 inches long).

How Do Handheld Shower Head Work?

Just like any other shower, a handheld shower is used to direct water during the shower. It works as a path through which water can flow to your body (or whatever being cleaned). A handheld shower head is designed to be fixed on a wall mount. When it is not in use, it can be suspended on the mount. Modern designs have combo abilities. That means you can set your showerhead to either fixed or handheld mode. They are fitted with a knob/button which you can simply press to shift from one mode to another. These designs are great for detailed showers because you can direct water onto specific positions of your body (like hair alone).

Choosing a Handheld Shower Head

So how can you get the best handheld shower heads if you want to buy one? Well, there is no particular rule of thumb in that regard. However, key considerations can play a major role in ensuring that you choose the best. Below are some factors that you can consider:
– Length of the hose: a handheld showerhead has a long hose will offer you more flexibility as it can reach a longer distance. Most handheld showerheads have a hose with 60 inches long, and that should be adequately sufficient.
– Size of head: the head determines how much water will be streamed. If you like plenty of water, a large head with many holes will be the suited.
– Quality: showerheads vary in materials. The most common ones are chrome, bras, ABS and customized LED (although all the other materials can be customized with LED). While custom LED showerheads are the fanciest, chrome ones are more durable.
– Compatibility with your shower setup and plumbing: showerheads vary in size, color and design. Make sure its mount is compatible with the shower arm and its color and design can blend easily with your bathroom’s interior.
– Style and finish: make sure the showerhead that you choose for compliments your existing bathroom features.
– Cost: in this regard, don’t simply focus on how much you will spend in purchasing the showerhead. You should also consider its maintenance cost. For instance, low-flow showerheads will help you to save water and money.

How to Install Handheld Shower Head


Installing your handheld showerhead is as easy as removing the old showerhead and screwing in the new one. In fact, when you install it yourself you save on unnecessary expenses that you would incur in hiring a guy to do the job for you.


Start with blocking the drain opening with a piece of cloth so that parts do not fall into the drain. You can also place a heavy cloth (like blanket) inside the tab to avoid damage from dropping tools.

Tools and materials

For the installation, you will need a handheld showerhead, slip-joint pliers, and adjustable wrenches.

Safety and Precaution

Ensure that water supply has been turned off so that water does not escape during the installation. Also, be careful with the amount of torque that you apply as you unscrew the old showerhead. Too much of it can damage the plumbing in your walls. Finally, wrap the jaws of your wrenches and pliers with tape to protect the finish on the shower arm.


Step 1: Remove the existing showerhead if there is any

When removing the existing showerhead, try as much as possible not to use any tools because they can damage the finish on the shower arm or the plumbing in the wall (due to high torque). Simply use your hand to turn the showerhead.
If you find that you cannot remove the showerhead with bare hands, use the slip-joint pliers to grip the shower arm and the adjustable wrench to unscrew the existing showerhead.
It is prudent to clean off any metal deposits and dirt from the shower arm.

Step 2: Wrap the threads

Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of your shower arm (in a clockwise direction) two to three times and then press the tape into the threads.

Step 3: Install the handheld showerhead

Fit the handheld shower mount to the shower arm and tighten with your hand. Remember the mounting comes with a built-in rubber washer so you don’t need to add Teflon. Make sure it is adequately tight.
Take the regular part of your hose and connect it to the outlet of the already installed mounting bracket. Screw the other side of the hose to your handheld showerhead.
Test your showerhead by turning the water on. If there are any connections that are leaking, add a little more tightening.
Finally, fit the showerhead on its bracket in the wall mounting and get ready for a great shower experience.

Safety Precautions for Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showerheads are very safe to use when installed properly. Using the procedure outlined above, they will not cause any problem. All that you need to do is to ensure that the showerhead is fitted in the mounting bracket appropriately at all times so that it does not fall unexpectedly and expose shower users to potential hazards.


As you have noted, everything about handheld shower heads is positive. They have very few to no disadvantages, and they do not expose anybody in the home to any form of danger. It is certain that if you install the best handheld shower head in your bathroom, your shower experiences will be very amazing, and they will leave you clean and relaxed. Judging from the installation procedure, you might have noticed that it is a simple do-it-yourself thing that cannot give you any challenges. Therefore, get a model that pleases you and remodel your showerhead for a better bathroom.

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