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How to fix a broken shower head


today’s modern society, where water conservation is taken more seriously than in the previous years, you may find yourself opting to use the hand-held shower in your bathroom rather than the bath or built in shower, for obvious reasons such as the fact that the hand held shower can rinse hard to reach areas on your body such as your back more effectively than a built in shower can, it also uses far less water than filling up your bath would.

But what happens if your hand-held shower stops working?
Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you repair your own broken shower head:

  • If your shower us leaking these steps are to be followed
  • Poke at each shower head with a toothpick or any similar object to unblock them
  • Check if the shower is still licking.
  • If it is, remove the shower head by twisting it clockwise.
  • If the shower still licks, then it is time to get a new one, but before that try tightening all the all the mechanisms that connect one part of the shower to the other.
  • If you decide to change your shower head, then it would be advisable to change the whole battery set( tap set) to which the shower head is connected. (if it does not function independently)

In order to prevent any of the shower problems mentioned in this article, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Clean your shower head often
  • Soaking the shower head in vinegar helps get rid of any dirt
  • Soak it for a few hours and when done let the water run through the shower foe some time to get rid of the vinegar.
  • Do the following steps often to keep your shower performing at its best for longer.

Soaking your shower in bleach can get rid of the gems that linger in the shower and come out together with the water when the shower is in use, but be sure to rinse the shower head thoroughly after applying chemicals to it by letting water run through it, as some of the chemicals and household items mentioned in this article could be harmful to the skin and could cause it to dry out. Be sure that when rinsing the shower head the water pressure is high.

I hope this made your lives a little easier and that this will keep your bathrooms dry and tidy by preventing future leaks. This in information also …enhance your shower experience.

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