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Cold water or Hot water for bath – Benefit and choice


ost people prefer starting a day with a shower. A refreshing, rejuvenating and leisurely shower give you a boost of energy to help you jumpstart your day. Many people do not see beyond the hygiene and the refreshing benefits of showering. They fail to realize that choosing the right water temperature for showering is even more important than those benefits. Clever people would ask themselves the appropriate choice between cold water bath and hot water bath.

Benefits of Cold Water Bath Vs Hot Water Bath

Each of these baths has its own benefits. By learning about them, you can make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right temperature for you.

Hot Water Bath

Hot water bath is soothing and revitalizing but that is not all. You stand a chance of enjoying a number of benefits by choosing to shower with hot water including the following:

• Relieves respiratory problems

Hot water is best for you if you have been struggling with airway congestion and flu. Gentle heat from the water as steamy air serves to decongest your lungs and other airways allowing you to breathe easily. Steamy air also reduces inflammation of your sinuses and throat.

• Improved circulation

Hot or warm water increases your core body temperature and this forces your body to dissipate heat. One mechanism by which your body dissipates heat is to dilate blood vessels giving room for your blood to gush through them. The result is improved heart function, lowered blood pressure and better-nourished cells even in your extremities.

• Reduced muscle pain

Try taking a refreshing and leisurely shower after intensely working out or doing a hard physical job. Warm water has a healing effect or painful muscles. Hot water will improve elasticity and flexibility of muscles to help you deal with the problem of joint pain, tiny sports injuries as well as overstretched muscles.

• Better skin health

Have ever wondered why beauty spas and saunas have hot water baths? The answer is that hot water can make you more beautiful by giving you a clean, well-toned, spotless and glowing skin. It opens pores in your skin and cleanses you by excreting toxins. Adding some products such as rich oils/butter or a small amount of bathing salt can improve signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and craw feet.

• Releases stress and depression

If your day has been filled with stress, worry, and depression (not clinical depression), then immersing yourself in a hot shower is the best way to heal. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and your bathing experience will extremely relaxing and stress relieving.

• Good for expectant mothers

Labor pains begin and they are often extremely painful. A nice warm bath is the best and the easiest way to minimize labor pains and focus on more on putting to bed. After delivery, hot water along with certain herbs can alleviate body pains.

• Men’s contraception

You may not know this but hot water baths are a sure way for men as a contraceptive. Frequent hot water baths tend to increase the temperature of the testicles, which negatively affect sperm production and motility.

Cold Water Baths

Despite the benefits of hot water, lovers of cold water also stand to benefit a lot by bathing with sub-zero water. Here are the amazing benefits of the refreshing cold-water bath.

• Boosted immunity

Taking regular cold showers can boost up your immunity. It improves your metabolic rate, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and boosts your lymphatic system. This keeps infections away and improves the quality of your life.

• Chances of weight loss

Overweight or obese individuals have deposits of fat in different parts of their bodies. Essentially, there are two types of fat, white fat, and brown fat. White fat is bad for your health but brown fat is always metabolized to improve body heat in cold situations. Taking ice cold bath will stimulate this brown fat metabolism allowing you to lose some weight.

• Provides you with radiant look

Bathing with icy cold water is gross but that is the sacrifice you need to make if you want a cute, radiant look. It tightens pores on your skin and cuticles and acts a seal on your scalp and your skin. It also strengthens your hair to prevent hair loss.

• Improved lung function

The deep and erratic breath that comes when you step into a cold shower results from automatic reflexes. This results in more efficient oxygen intake. It also opens up your lungs to give you a rapid boost of energy.

• Cures depression

Just like hot water bath, cold water bath can cure depression although just a few people know about this effect. Cold water can send electric impulses from your brain, which has anti-depressive effects. Cold water also increases the levels of noradrenaline and beta-endorphin both of which are powerful anti-depressants.

How to Choose Hot or Cold-Water Bath

Now that you have realized the common benefits of the cold water bath and hot water bath you can make the right choice. However, it many factors plays important roles in the choice you have to make. Here are the most important factors:

1. Your health

A healthy individual can use either cold or hot water baths without a problem. However, if you have certain diseases such as liver disease, ingestion disorders or burning sensations then you should bathe with cold water. On the other hand, people suffering from respiratory disorders should avoid a cold bath.

2. Age

For young children and the seniors, the warm or hot water bath is recommended. This is because children have underdeveloped physiologic capabilities and the elders have senile abilities. This way, youngsters, especially the school going children or the young working class should always bathe with cold water.

3. Season

Bathing with icy cold water during winter is greatly discouraged because of the very cold environment. However, during summer, temperatures are hot and it is always good to cool your body down by bathing with cold water.

4. Time of the day

Taking a cold bath in the morning just before beginning your daily activities is refreshing and rejuvenating. At night, nothing will be as refreshing and healing as a nice hot bath.

5. Your hobbies and habits

If you are the kind that follows a strict workout regimen or your job involves too much physical exertion then hot water is ideal for you. Those with rather a sedentary lifestyle should bathe with cold water.

Safety Precautions

Whether you choose to shower with cold or hot water, one fact remains – you must be cautious to prevent harming yourself. The single most important precaution is to discuss your health status with a medical expert before choosing the right water temperature for you especially if you have a medical condition.

Furthermore, you should set the reasonable temperature for bathing whether hot or cold. Water that too hot could cause heat burns on your body and very cold water can cause cold burns and lead to even more health problems. Do not allow children to operate the shower since they may not be knowledgeable on the best temperature settings.

Quick Tip

If you want to improve your skin health and get the most out of your shower, you can add a few natural herbs such as sandalwood or leaves of neem. Leave it for a few minutes in the bath water and allow it to stand for a while. This will work whether you are taking a cold bath or a hot bath.

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