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How to Clean a Shower Head?


ust like every other part of your home needs cleaning, the shower is not exclusive. Cleaning the shower head of your shower will offer you a great shower experience.

The process takes little time and effort. You need to start by dismantling your shower head by turning it clockwise. Unscrew it to detach it. You can use your hands to do this but in case it proves to be difficult, unfasten it using an adjustable wrench. Position a rag between the shower head and the wrench to prevent it from getting scratches.

Put the shower head in a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% distilled water and make sure the shower head is completely immersed in the solution. Avoid cleaning with strong bathroom cleansers because they can cause damage to your shower head. Good thing with vinegar is that it is effective, affordable and safe to use on both chrome and plastic shower head.

Let the shower head soak in the solution overnight in order to get rid of any stubborn mineral deposits. Then thoroughly rinse and use a clean soft cloth to dry it. Use a brush to remove any remaining mineral deposits or build-up. Use clean water to rinse the shower head once again. Before placing back your shower head, clean also the pipe threads and wrap it using a new tape. Check to see whether your shower head has rubber washer. If it does, tighten it using a wrench. Remember to position a piece of cloth between the fixture and the wrench to prevent it from getting scratches. If your shower head uses no rubber washer, tighten the shower head using your hands. One you have placed back the shower, test to see if there are any leaks.

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