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Choosing the best shower heads?


any people prefer beginning their day with a shower. Whether it is due to volume or low pressure, installing a new shower head can aid you with starting your day with a clean start. However, before you start your bathroom remodel or go to the hardware store, here are some essentials that you should have in mind. Over 50% of us have a shower every morning. It can be either hot or cold, and acts as the best way to begin a new day. The shower head is the most important aspect of the shower, and it serves as the water source. With so many options for a shower head out there, how to you find one that is most suitable for you. This guide will provide you with a means to establish the best choice for you.

How to choose

A shower is a very personal experience, and it is a very personal choice. Some people consider the shower in their home as a practical aspect, a simple way to wash quickly when there is no time to soak in the bath. For others, the shower is an indulgent experience. It is where you can refresh, relax and be prepared for the new day or night. Even though a shower is faster than a bath, it does not mean that it should not be satisfactory.

Choosing by types of shower heads

There are many types of shower heads. The first is the fixed mount. It is the best choice if you prefer a modern, clean look for your shower. It is also a common form of shower heads. A handheld shower head is also a preferable option. It provides an additional reach due to the 5-foot hose and gives you more options. There are also dual, or combo shower heads. It combines two shower heads into one convenient shower design. There is also the adjustable height. It makes it easy to position the shower head angle or height.


The material will affect the look of your shower head. If you want a more traditional feel, then choose warmer metals like copper, nickel and brass, and you can leave your pipes on full display. Consider burnished or antique finish if your intention is to achieve a rustic look A curved shower pipe makes the space quite attractive if your bathroom has a high ceiling. Intricate details on the brass ware will also add a personal touch and elegance to space. The best choice for a shower head is often a chrome finish or steel. These are safe to your health and can last for quite a long time. They can also be cleaned easily, and do not have any disadvantages. Plastic is also a material that is common for some shower heads. Good design can improve the beauty of your bathroom. Plastic is also durable and allows for some appealing designs. You should avoid lead pipes as it could result in contamination of your water supply with time.

Choosing by settings

One of the most exciting and important aspects when choosing a new shower head is determining the type of shower head. Shower heads have different features, and you can choose which ones you want to be part of your shower head. They can have single setting, multi-setting or even shower tower units. A single setting showerhead has just a single parameter that does not vary from the shower to shower. A multi-setting shower head has a range of settings from light spray to a powerful stream of water. It also has a allIstandard’ setting that is in between the two extreme ends. The shower jet towers are shower channels that have a variety of spa-like features that could comprise of multiple shower streams of heads, steam or mist and body jets.

Choosing by usage and installation

Shower heads should be simple to use as you do not have to spend a lot of time in the shower. Most wall-mounted shower heads ae simple to use after installation. However, the hand showers can be quite difficult, and it should depend on their weight and where they are placed when you are not using them. In this case, the hand shower should be light, and easy to operate. It is quite easy to install a shower head. You should pick something that will avoid the hustle of getting someone to install for you. To install the shower head, you can simply screw it onto the original fixture. However, do not try to replace the shower arm. If you wrongly install the shower arm, then it would into the wall leading to additional damage. If you want to have an extensive upgrade to your showers, you can choose a plumber to help you with the installation. Most showerheads are replaceable. You simply unscrew the old one and few the new one. However, some elite shower heads can be difficult to install. An overall low water pressure in your home can make the stream from your shower head less powerful, and it would mean that your home would require re-piping or some adjustment that would require a plumber.

Choosing by Advantages of shower heads

A large number of people prefer high-volume and large shower heads, but this can only work if you have over 54 pounds per square inch (psi) of water pressure. In most shower heads, the pressure varies from 39 to 58 psi. The large shower nozzles can be quite useful, and hardware stores often have versions that be screwed to the shower arm. It allows you to determine your home pressure, and if the large shower nozzle will work. Low pressure often occurs due to old pipes, clogs and leaks that are bigger than half and an inch in diameter. Furthermore, flow restrictors can lead to low pressure as they minimize water usage. Mostly, you can choose a product that has a high gallon per minute, or you can remove the flow restrictors that allows you to achieve a similar amount of volume. The show heads can range from the single spray option to the more expensive rainfall models.
You should identify the water pressure in your house before choosing the shower type. If your reading is over 1 bar, you can decide to install the high-pressure system and can also make a choice between mixer showers and electric showers. However, if the pressure is below 1 bar, then you can use a medium to low pressure system that could even require electric power to increase the flow of water.

The choice of shower head will affect your experience and sensation of your shower. Whether you prefer a massage or rain shower jets, or something in between, you can pick from many choices. In many cases, the larger the alildish’ of the shower head, the gentler the effect. This effect occurs since the water is spread over a large area. If you want a rain effect, then you should choose a head that is flat with a large diameter. You can choose something that is approximately 290mm (11’’) or more for a pleasing effect. If you prefer a powerful stream, then pick something that is 190mm (7’’) or less for a powerful stream. There are varieties of designs and styles that can create more intense jet effect showers. In all scenarios, a smaller head will mean that the stream of water is more powerful since the water comes out faster from a smaller surface area

Water saving shower heads

A strategy to save money, and save water, is to use a shower head that uses less water. It is also effective is working with low water pressure in your house. The average shower head can use about 2.4 gallons per minute (GPM) while some older units can use even more water. Shower heads that have an EPA WaterSense certification could use less water, at about 2gpm or even less. The certification details that a smaller shower head will allow you to save about 2,800 gallons of water per year, and this will also add up to the energy savings.

You should note that water pressure is more important than volume. You should ensure that you match the new shower head with your current hardware. It can often be in the form of brushed nickel or chrome. You can use products from Pulse Shower Spas. The product has a detachable hand shower, shower head and multiple body sprays. The price ranges between $200 and $800, so you can pick something that fits your budget. It is better to install a smaller unit if you feel that pressure is much better than volume. So you should avoid the larger rain heads, and pick shower heads that are 8 inches or smaller.

Choosing by bathroom space

If space is minimal, or showers are not something you consider a priority, then you can choose something that you can easily tuck away in an enclosure or cubicle. The sizes are quite flexible, especially when you purchase the shower directly from the manufacturer who builds made-to-measure enclosures. You should have your measurements ready when shower shopping. The shower should be fitted as close to your shower plan as possible to maximize our space. If you want to save space in your shower, then you should consider a concealed shower that is contemporary and sleek with the pipes are hidden away, leaving the shower area smaller. You can also place the control away from the shower. This allows your shower design to be more flexible and allows you to make adjustments without getting wet. If you have a bath, then you can simply install a shower above it to save space. A surface mounted shower is the best choice, but if your bath is freestanding, then you can choose a hand shower that is fitted on your tap deck.

If you have a preference towards showering, then you should make it the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can choose a freestanding shower if you have a small bathroom. This is unique and attractive, and a good shower it made unique by showering in a piece of innovative and elegant design. Drummonds Severn and Spittle are good choices for a sealed freestanding shower. It can be placed anywhere in the home as it uses minimal size. Due to the minimal space, you will have to use a mounted shower head. Additionally, the enclosure comes with its shower head installed, so you do not have to worry about it. It is difficult to use a hand held shower head to the minimal size. The shower head is installed on top of the shower.

If your bathroom space is wide, then you can choose a more spacious shower enclosure. It offers more space to enjoy your shower, and can use a handheld shower head. Currently, the trend in shower enclosures is towards the curved and sleek glass. However, if space permits it, then you can have a wet room for showering, and allows you the ultimate space to escape and relax.

Choosing by brand

The brand is an important aspect when choosing a shower head. It plays a role in the look and feel of your bathroom. Different brands have varying styles. If you are building a quality product that will be used for an extended period, then you should ensure that you are purchasing a classic piece of design that will not run out of style. You should make sure that the brand allows you to conceal some of its components behind panels and walls for a contemporary effect, and you should choose a chrome finish. You should aim to keep the shower space as clutter free and minimal as possible through the installation of neat racks for your bathroom products.

The Moen shower heads are a good brand to choose from. You can pick the Moen Refresh. It is advantages as it has both wall mounted and hand shower. The metal hose is flexible and allows you to direct a stream of water in hard to reach the place in your body. The showerhead has a flow rate of about 2.5 GPM. It costs about $60.

The HotelSpa® us also a good brand. It also comes in the 3-way adjustable shower sidebar, allowing you to adjust the steam of water. It is a wall-mounted shower that comes with a hand shower head. You can customize both the angle and height of your shower head. The side brackets are quite versatile, and you can raise or lower the shower head for use on any height or angle. Essentially, height is not of importance when using the shower head. The shower has a 34 water flow settings, and a flow control that allows you to save water when you are shampooing. The shower head is made of stainless steel and has a chrome finish. It costs about $40 and is the best option due to the advanced features.

Another option is the Finch combination shower system by Waterpik. It has a chrome finish and has six settings to allow for a full body and a pulsating massage when need to rinse your shampoo thoroughly. It can handle 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and comes with a 60’’ L shower hose. The system has a 3-way diverter that allows you to choose either a rainfall shower, a handheld shower or both at the same time. It provides a unique experience when showering. It cost about $50.

Choosing by expected value

As is the norm with most things, the cost of the shower head can be quite misleading. Do not assume that just picking the most luxurious and expensive looking shower heads guarantees you of the high performance and reliability. Having more setting means a higher price, and it could also mean that these are setting you will often ignore. When tested, the lower grade showerheads are most preferable among many users if they ignore the price of the various units on offer. Have a budget already set in your mind when you are looking for a shower head, but do not be inclined to use all the money you have on one. In many cases, a lower priced shower head will be quite reliable and useful in comparison to a top-line unit.

Choosing by your height

Before you decide to buy a shower hose, you should consider your height. The wall mount showerhead can be placed at 7′ if you are 6′ tall. Essentially, the showerhead should be a few feet higher in comparison to your height. Furthermore, if you are short at 4’5”, then the best height would be at 6′. The controls should also be easy to reach. Furthermore, you can choose the adjustable height shower arm that makes it easier to meet your needs. Often, the average hose length is between 58 and 70 inches. Other longer hoses measure about 85 inches. If you are tall, then the longer hose length is preferable.


To keep your shower head in good condition, you should clean the head occasionally to prevent the buildup of limescale which can block or inhibit the flow of water. Limescale can also develop on the sides of your fittings and pipes, but can be cleaned off with a wet cloth and some soapy water. If you are using a brass showerhead, then use brasso regularly to maintain its shine.


There are many kinds of shower heads available and a variety of variables to choose from. It is up to you to choose something that suits your needs and fits your budget. It is up to you to consider the variables that characterize the best shower heads and determine what you prefer. There are many aspects of shower heads, and we hope this provides beneficial advice when you are choosing your shower head. It can look like a simple purchase, but it can be quite complicated when you consider all the different variables in your purchase.

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