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How to change the diverter on a shower head?

A faulty shower diverter will interfere with regulation of the flow of water to the shower head. A problem with the water flow to the faucet will leave you with no option but to replace the diverter. Do not worry. This is a simple task that you handle. Cut off the water supply of your house by turning off the main water valve. Get rid of all the water pressure in the water pipers by turning on the faucet to the end. Using a screw driver, unfasten the screws holding the cap piece placed on the centre of the control knob of the diverter. Then remove the handle from the faucet.

  • Take a pair of pliers and unfasten all nuts and adapter pieces fixed on the valve stem.
  • Remove all clips and metal pins using needle nose pliers.
  • Run down the stem valve a right sized deep set socket wrench and on the counterclockwise direction twist the handle to detach the valve from the water pipe.
  • Slide a new valve into the stem pipe, screw it and turn it clockwise until it is firmly positioned.
  • Using reverse order, replace the other parts of shower faucet. Once you are through, turn on the main water valve of your house.

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