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Handheld shower heads come in handy if you want to access the hard to reach areas without having to turn around and around. This type of shower head can be used by people adults and children to satisfy their shower needs. Buying the hand-held shower head is one thing and maintaining it is another. This guide will help you deal with every pressing shower problem.

How to fix a Leaky – shower slow drip?

First and foremost, place rags on the shower floor directly below the faucets to prevent small parts from going down the drain when they drop as well as to protect the surfaces. Make sure that you have turned off the supply of water before dismantling the shower valve. Then proceed …

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How to change a shower head?

Replacing the shower head of your shower is something that you cannot escape. The process is simple and you can do it by yourself. First, begin by turning off your shower’s water faucet. Changing the hand-held shower head does not require disconnection of the water supply. Using a soft cloth, wrap …

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How to Clean a Shower Head?

The process takes little time and effort. You need to start by dismantling your shower head by turning it clockwise. Unscrew it to detach it. You can use your hands to do this but in case it proves to be difficult, unfasten it using an adjustable wrench. Position a rag …

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How to unclog your showerhead

You need to unscrew the head and take it apart as much as you can. If there are several separate pieces, you might want to take photos as you go along so you can put it back together! Once it’s in pieces, put it in a small bowl and pour …

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Bathing your dog in the shower

So what is a proper bath? Start with a good quality dog shampoo – human shampoo has a different Ph. factor, so is not recommended. Shut the bathroom door to discourage any escape artists! Put a non-slip rug in the shower basin to help the dog feel secure and protect the …

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How to clean hard water on shower head

Rubbing the NozzleA number of shower heads have flexible hose and rubber nozzles. Hard water build up in the nozzles can be dislodged by massaging each nozzle with the help of your finger or gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Soak the Shower Head in VinegarYou can just leave the …

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How to increase shower head water pressure

Cleaning the screen to increase showerhead pressure To clean a blocked showerhead screen, first remove the shower head from the arm supply pipe. If it’s too tight and you want to protect the showerhead finish, use a wrench and a rag. The screen is located right at the showerhead’s inlet …

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How to fix a broken shower head

But what happens if your hand-held shower stops working? Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you repair your own broken shower head: In order to prevent any of the shower problems mentioned in this article, these are the steps you should follow: Soaking your shower in …

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