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Best rain shower head reviews: The ultimate guide in 2022


ew things are as fresh and rejuvenating as rain showers, especially on a hot sunny day. However, you cannot just expose yourself naked on the streets or your backyard to enjoy the natural flow of the rainwater over all your body. The good news is that showerhead manufacturers have managed to transfer this graceful experience into your shower thanks to the rain shower heads.

Being on this website, I believe you are among those who really understand the benefits of rain shower heads but for one reason or another, you are lost for choice in deciding the best rain shower head to purchase. Luckily, we have done the research on your behalf and come up with the best rain shower head reviews and an ultimate guide to help you arrive at the right choice.

Top 5 Best Rain Shower Heads reviews

We have researched and narrowed down to five of the best shower heads that will deliver the kind of performance you desired. These include:

SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set Review

First in our best rain shower head reviews is the SRSH-F5043 from SR SUN RISE. As you can deduce from the name, SRSH-F5043 features a combination of 10-inch neatly designed stainless steel showerhead as well as a compact solid brass arm for convenient showering. This bathroom device is crafted to deliver the best performance.

Being a combo set, the rain showerhead allows you to enjoy the luxury of using the showerhead, the arm or both depending on your bathing preference. The arm component is especially great because it increases the convenience of using the showerhead. The design makes it appropriate for use by almost everyone including children, the physically challenged and even the elderly.

The SRSH-F5043 luxury shower combo features stainless steel construction for the showerhead and solid brass construction for the shower arm. These are some of the strongest metal in the world. As if that is not enough, the bathroom shower set features 10-layer chrome finish, which offers a sleek look and ensures the equipment is corrosion resistant and extremely durable.

It is designed to use air energy technology and provides you with constant flow of water even where water pressure is at its lowest. To add to the convenience of the user, the hand held showerhead comes with a long 1.5-meter 304 stainless steel hose. This means the hose is as strong and durable. Besides, you can use it to direct the showers to any part of your body with utmost convenience.

Installation of this rain shower is much easier than most other models. All you need to do is mount the showerhead on the bathroom. It requires not special skills. The arm shower on the other hand comes with a sleek L-shaped holder that also fixes to the wall of the bathroom. The SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set does not require any batteries to work.

If you decide to purchase this rain shower head by SR SUN RISE, you will enjoy 5-year limited warranty. This means any part or finish of the equipment is warranted to you (the original purchaser) in case such part or finish proves defective in workmanship or material under the normal installation, service and use. This warranty should give you a reason to celebrate because you are sure your product is of quality.


  • The SRSH-F5043 is designed to be strong and durable thanks to stainless steel and brass construction.
  • Because of its wonderful chrome finish, this rain shower head and arm combo will complement the décor of your bathroom.
  • It comes with both the shower head and the handheld shower for utmost convenience of the user.
  • The rain shower combo comes with a long (1.5 meters), sleek and durable stainless steel hose for convenience.
  • With a 5-year limited warranty, you can be confident your showerhead combo will serve you optimally.
  • It features air-energy technology that delivers consistent flow even under low water pressure.


  • Although the product comes with 5-year warranty, it sometimes takes too long to receive replacement parts in case of damage.
  • There is no way of open the showerhead or the handheld arm in case of clogging without damaging the product.

Extra Large 12 ” Rain Shower Head Fixed Mount Ultra Thin Stainless Steel review

Artbath Bathroom Fixtures is one of the most popular companies when it comes to production of high quality bathroom equipment. One of their greatest products is the Extra Large 12 “Rain Shower Head featuring a fixed mount ultra thin stainless steel rainfall showerhead with Adjustable Swivel 1/2 ball joint and sleek chrome finish. This best rain shower head is equipped with some of the best features and specifications that makes it a good candidate to add to our top 5 best rain shower head reviews.

It is technologically designed to offer the best rain style. It is capable of offering a good coverage to soak your entire body giving you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. The showerhead’s construction features an ultra-thin stainless steel (just 2 millimeters, the size of a coin) and a sleek chrome finish. The ultra thin finish also has the effect of increasing the pressure of the shower shielding you against low water pressure moments. Although it does not posses the air-energy technology of SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043m the ultra-thin finish does the exact same job. The normal flow rate for this rain shower head is 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute).

The swivel ball allows you to adjust the showerhead to suit your preferences. It also increases the convenience of use. Furthermore, this bathroom fixture is designed to improved décor to your bathroom thanks to its fancy look in 12-inch round shape, polished, unibody and ultra-thin. The stainless steel construction gives the bathroom equipment the durability matching that of the SRSH-F5043. The construction material also ensures that the showerhead if free from corrosion and rusting that would otherwise clog the shower outlets.

Another feature you will enjoy in this Artbath rainfall showerhead is universal fit. This means it can fit into any bathroom because of its versatile design and ease of installation. To be exact, you do not need any tools to install this showerhead. You do not need any special skills either. As long as you can read and understand the user manual, you are good to go. It fits all the conventional IPS connector. Just like the SRSH-F5043, this Artbath rain showerhead comes with a 5-year limited warranty on parts, installation and service.


  • The ultra-thin 2-millimeter stainless steel design increases shower pressure for more fulfilling showering experience.
  • Its easy clean rub nozzles are specially designed to help maintain the shower head tidy.
  • The showerhead is extremely versatile. It can flow like rain, rainfall, just raindrops or rain forest.
  • It is highly compatible. It can fit all standard United States plumbing connections
  • The showerhead’s sleek, elegant design readily blends with your current and even future bathroom décors.
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty that covers you against any costs arising from faulty product after purchase.


  • The only disadvantage of purchasing this showerhead is that its arm or handheld shower is not included. However, you can easily find a compatible handheld shower to install.

Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN 8-Inch Square Soft Rain 2.5 GPM Shower Head Review

In case you are not pleased with the two models of rain showerheads reviewed above, you might like the Spashower Rain 8-inch by Vida Alegría. This showerhead features some of the best technologies in showerhead design that allows it to provide you with the cool, refreshing rain shower that mimics that of real rainfall. Its design also makes it unique and high quality capable of providing soft, consistent, relaxing as well as soothing flow.

The first of the many features include Hi-Tech ABS face designed to stay clean and to repel hard water. This gives the Vida Alegría showerhead an edge over the counterparts reviewed previously. Unlike the chrome-finished rain showerheads at all times as a result of hard water, the Hi-tech ABS face is not stained with hard water. Its 144 jet nozzles are designed to provide soft, consistent, and soothing rainfall flow. The nozzle’s silicon material just needs a simple flick to de-clog.

The showerhead also features durable solid brass connector as well as a ball joint. These will not leak or crack for as long as you are still using the rain shower head. It is a little bit heavy, weighing just over a pound. Rain shower heads are designed to use decent input water pressure and this explains the weight of the showerhead. Being so heavy, you will have to install it on solid supporting plumbing or the showerhead may not stay in place.

Installation is easy. The product comes with detailed, step-by-step and easy to follow instructions in a manual. You will require just minutes to fully install your new rain showerhead to transform your standard bathroom into a modern marvel. As the name suggests, this rain shower head will offer you thin soothing water jets, waterfall dredging as well as a spa-experience.

Just like the Extra Large 12 ” Rain Shower Head from Artbath and SRSH-F5043 from SR SUN RISE, this Vida Alegría Spashower rain showerhead does not require any batteries to operate. The flow rate is standard at 2.5 GPM and the prevailing water pressure that reaches your bathroom does not affect the flow rate. The difference is that Vida Alegría offers limited warranty of just 3 years unlike SR SUN RISE and Artbath brands that offer 5-year warranty.


  • The showerhead offers soft, gentle shower with consistent, relaxing and soothing flow like the one you will experience in a spa.
  • It features technologically advanced ABS face that is resistant to the effects of hard water.
  • The solid brass connector and ball joint technology ensures high levels of durability even with optimal use.
  • The showerhead comes with 3-year unconditional warranty on purchase. The company also has great customer care.
  • It is very easy to install thanks to the included east-to-read and understand user manual. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to install the showerhead in a matter of minutes.


  • The product only includes a showerhead; the arm shower is sold separately. This is inconveniencing to some people.
  • 144 jet nozzles is a bit on the higher side for most people’s residential water pressure.

KiaRog® 12 Inch (12”) Rain Brushed Shower Head review

If you want a refreshing, soothing and rain-like shower in the comfort of your bathroom then you can choose the Rain Brushed Showerhead from KiaRog. The 12-inch rain showerhead is equipped with some of the greatest features and specifications to make it a great choice for anyone looking for a gift to give someone or a good way to remodel his or her bathroom.

KiaRog 12-inch rain brushed showerhead is square is shape measuring 12-inches a side with a thickness of just 2mm. In this regard, it is only comparable with the Extra Large 12-inch rain showerhead from Vida Alegría. However, it is much heavier than the latter as it weights 2.9 pounds. This means you will need support plumbing while installing the showerhead to avoid damages as a result of the weight. The showerhead has a whopping 256 rubber nozzles that deliver rain, rainfall, raindrops or light shower effect.

To ensure durability, the entire body of this KiaRog rain showerhead is made of stainless steel. This material also ensures this bathroom fixture is corrosion resistant, and clog-free. In addition, the clear rubber nozzles make it easy to clean the showerhead in case residues in tap water clog it. The showerhead is delivered with five replacement nozzles in case any nozzles are damaged. Replacing the damaged nozzles is very easy.

To improve your bathroom décor, the manufacturers of this device gave it a brush stainless steel finish that resembles brushed nickel. Such material does not hold fingerprint marks ensuring the showerhead stays as clean and as sleek as possible at all times. This also means the showerhead is free from any other form of staining making it a good choice for bathrooms with many users although it looks too luxurious and too great to install in personal bathrooms.

Unlike the SRSH-F5043 luxury shower combo, this brushed shower head fro KiaRog does not come with a handheld shower. Nevertheless, this inconvenience has been compensated by the swivel adaptor technology. The technology allows angling the showerhead, as you desire. As with the other models reviewed here, this showerhead does not require any batteries to operate.

Pros and Cons

To help you make the right decision, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing KiaRog 12 Inch (12”) Rain Brushed Shower Head.


  • This showerhead is designed to optimize aesthetics and durability thanks to the stainless steel construction with brushed finish.
  • It is ultrathin making to increase water pressure allowing you to enjoy refreshing and relaxing rainfall shower.
  • It is fitted with 256 clear rubber nozzles it easy to clean and de-clog. Replacement nozzles make it easier correct installation damages.
  • The showerhead is very easy to install, operates quietly and adjustable for convenience of use
  • It comes with 3-years unconditional warranty on manufacturing defects to give you the peace of mind.


  • The major drawback of this showerhead is that it does not come with an arm shower component. It is not clear whether you can buy the arm shower separately.
  • The showerhead is quite big and with 256 nozzles, water pressure in most residential areas may be inadequate.

Yodel Brand 12-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rainfall Shower Head Review

Finally yet importantly in our top 5 best rain shower head reviews is the 12-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rainfall Shower Head from Yodel Brand. Although it closely resembles the KiaRog 12-inch rain brushed showerhead, this Yodel model is equipped with several unique features and specifications that make it a great choice for bathroom remodeling. It is also a great choice of a gift to someone you care about.

To start with, this rain showerhead is designed for durability. It is entirely made from stainless steel, which is among the strongest materials in the world. The showerhead does not have any fragile plastic parts. The stainless steel is resistant to corrosive effects of rust. The construction material does not stain easily even if your bath water is hard. The brushed finish also ensures the showerhead looks sleek and luxurious at all times. It is also ultra-thin and square in shape measuring 12” each side and a thickness of just 2 mm.

Yodel Brand 12” Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rainfall Showerhead offers soft, soothing and relaxing rainfall style. The rain style offers good coverage to soak the whole of your body for spa-like experience. Its numerous rubber nozzles capable of delivering high-pressure water for your rainfall shower effect. The rubber nozzles are very easy to clean. All you need to do is squeeze the rubber nipples to remove any sediments or lime that could clog them and interfere with water flow.

If you decide to purchase this rain showerhead, then go a head and do not worry about installation. The showerhead is very easy to install. In fact, you will not need any tools. It mounts easy on the wall and the connections are compatible with your standard plumbing. Like KiaRog Rain Brushed Shower Head, Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN and Extra Large 12 ” Rain Shower Head from Artbath, this Yodel rain showerhead does not come with an arm shower. However, the showerhead is adjustable making it convenient to use.

This rain showerhead does not include battery because it does not require battery to operate. This means you simply mount it on the wall, connect the water source and you are good to go. For your own protection, the showerhead comes with 3-year unconditional warranty of any manufacturing defects. This means you can just return the product for refund or replacement.


  • Yodel Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rainfall Showerhead is constructed entirely of stainless steel with brushed nickel finish for durability.
  • It is very easy to install requiring no tools. It comes with an easy-to-read instructional manual to help you with installation.
  • The rain showerhead has numerous rubber nozzles offer rain style for good coverage of the whole body.
  • The rubber nozzles make the showerhead easy to clean and de-clog of sediments and lime.
  • It is nicely designed to complement your bathroom décor.


  • The package does not include an arm shower but you can buy one separately
  • Weighing 3.6 pounds, this Yodel rain showerhead will require additional plumbing to install well and safely.

Why Choose Rain Shower Head

Taking a refreshing bath in one thing but enjoying rainfall is another. I believe many of us enjoy free flowing rainfall as it hits our foreheads and trickles down to the rest of our body. The soft, relaxing, soothing and calming drops of life giving rain can make you forget your worries and enjoy the moment. However, you cannot go out naked in the rain and enjoy all these. This is where the vest rain shower head comes into play.

What is rain shower head?

There is no easy way to explain what rain showerhead is. They can be defined as bathroom fixtures designed to offer luxurious alternative to the standard run-of-the-mill shower. Such heads are large in size and they hang directly overhead, either higher on the wall or on the ceiling, and simulating the experience of showering in the rain. In other words, the heads bring the effects of rain in the comfort of your bathroom.

Unlike the normal showerheads that concentrate stream of water directly to you, rain shower heads spray widely just above you to cover a large area giving the appearance of rainfall but streaming more gently. The result is more luxurious and spa-like showering experience. Being larger and spraying more widely, these heads require installation in a large bathroom or bathtub.

Rain showerheads can come as single units with only the wall or ceiling mounted showerhead or can also have an arm shower included. The combined ones offer much better experience as they are more convenient to use compared to the single units. Some heads are adjustable allowing you to choose between different showering experiences like light showers, raindrops, rainfall, storm and others.

Benefits of the best rain shower head

So, what are the benefits of rain of installing rain showerhead? Below are a few of the most important pros of using rain showerhead:

  • It offers a great way to relax and calm down after a long stressful and tensed day at work
  • Inasmuch as rain showerhead covers larger area than the normal showerheads, they are also equipped with certain technologies to help save water and conserve environment.
  • It is great choice for individuals wishing to remodel their bathrooms. It gives a highly luxurious appearance.
  • Most rain showerheads are designed to offer consistent, steady and even water flow even in the face of low water pressure.
  • High quality rain showerheads like the top 5 best models discussed above are made of strong, durable and sleek materials.
  • Most brands of rains showerheads are designed to be compatible with your bathroom décor meaning you do not have to change anything in your bathroom.

How To Install A Rain Shower Head

One of the reasons why many people prefer rain showerheads is the ease of installation. The process does not require any special skills. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Choose the right showerhead

I believe the top 5 best rain showerhead reviews above has given you an idea of the kind of showerhead to purchase. Later on, we will present you with certain factors you must consider before buying a rain showerhead to help you with the decision making.

Step 2: Assemble all the necessary materials 

All rain showerhead manufactures include a manual with instructions on what you need to carry out the installation. Go through the manual and make inventory of all the equipment and parts you will need for the installation. The materials you will need include thread sealant, plumber’s tape, pipe wrench or pliers, plumber’s putty and rain showerhead kit among others.

Step 3: Remove or uninstall the preexisting showerhead 

Use pliers or an appropriate wrench to remove to make the head loose from the shower arm. To prevent scratching, place an old rag around the pliers. In case you intend to install an extension arm to add more height for your rain shower, you will need to remove all the connections to the wall outlet.

Step 4: Use the Plumber’s tape 

Apply the plumber’s tape by wrapping a layer of it around the threads of your new showerhead. The tape should cover the entire length of the threads. The result is good seal that prevents the shower water from escaping through the sides of the showerhead. A good seal in addition will help with maintaining water pressure.

Step 5: Installation proper 

Use the pliers or the wrench to fasten the new head into place. You need to take care because the pliers may scratch chrome-finished heads. Alternatively, you can just screw on the head using your free hands to prevent unnecessary damage. It is very easy as long as you can align the threads perfectly.

(Source by Eric Worral)

Step 6: Cleanup and Testing 

Once you have finished installing the new head, clear the area of debris, rags and other leftovers that may clutter your bathroom. You can optionally keep the old showerhead for later use incase such need arises in future. After cleaning the area, test it for any leaks. Ensure the head is tightened properly. Inspect the arm connections as well as the wall outlets to rule out any leakages.

How To Choose The Best Rain Shower Head

It would be catastrophic to walk into any hardware store or online retail outlet and pick the first rain shower head at your disposal. There are a few things to consider before arriving at the right decision to fins the best rain shower head. Below are the most important considerations:

  • Water saving capability 

I believe everybody wants to save on expenditure and one of the ways is to cut on your monthly bills. Rain shower heads usually use a lot of water to work well. However, certain brands also feature technologies that can help with water conservation. Pick the head with water saving capability if you want to save on water bills.

  • Water pattern 

The best way to enjoy rainfall shower is to be able to control or adjust the head so that it gives off different water patters such as rain, raindrops, storm or just light showers. Choose a rain showerhead that is versatile enough to deliver different water patterns, not just a single pattern.

  • Design

Current manufacturers of rain showerheads know that people prefer elegant and luxurious heads. This has led to design of sleek, prestigious and luxurious rain showerheads. Most use stainless steel and/or solid brass as the construction material. Pick a design that will match your bathroom décor.

  • Convenience

The aim of installing a rain showerhead is to enjoy the freshness, softness and versatility provided by the rainfall type of shower. Convenience is one the most important things to look for while purchasing a rain showerhead. Some models have an arm shower component that improves the convenience of use. Pick the ones that have adjustable joints to enable you angle the showerhead to your convenience.

  • Cost 

One drawback with rain showerheads is their price. Some high quality brands cost hundreds of dollars, which may proof far too expensive for average people. However, it is possible to find a slightly affordable head through research. You can also take advantage of any promotions such as discounts to get a head at better cost.

Safety Precautions For Rain Shower Head

  • Ensure you install the showerhead correctly instructed
  • Install the head only if you are have the right water pressure reaching your home
  • You should keep away all the remnants and residues including packaging material to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Because of the immense power of the rain shower and the amount of water it discharges, there is risk of drowning for children.
  • You have to ensure all the joints are properly sealed to prevent leakages and conserve water.


Installing the best rain shower head in your bathroom is a great way to do your bathroom remodeling to give it a truly luxurious touch. I hope this top 5 best rain shower head reviews and buying guide has given you the foundation to set off and purchase the right head that will suit your needs. You can check the above products reviewed above and see if you can find what you are looking for. If not, you can use the information in the guide to do your own research. There is nothing as refreshing as a cool, soft, soothing and relaxing rainfall shower after the tension and stress of a long hard day.

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