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Best LED shower heads reviews: Ultimate Guide


ED shower heads are one of the trendiest accessories that add more functionality and class to your bathroom. With the advent of fashion in modern bathroom appliances, shower heads have also evolved in style and grade. In fact, most bathroom hardware companies have completely modified the outlook of shower heads with advanced attributes to ensure that get fresh with every shower. An LED shower head is one such appliance that is assured to fit in all modern bathrooms. It not only adds light and color to your shower but also comes with several benefits that are bound to impress you.

Some shower heads also come with inbuilt temperature sensors that indicate if It  is safe to shower at that temperature while some even have multiple spay features to choose from. With these shower heads, showering is indeed more fun now than ever before.

This ultimate guide to the best LED shower heads is bound give you a crystal clear idea on LED based shower faucets and how you can purchase the best ones. You will also find several interesting facts about the shower heads an also a section on how to choose a shower head that suits your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Led Shower Head Reviews

Hand Held LED Shower Heads form YOO.MEE

The hand held LED shower head from YOO.MEE comes with a temperature display that offers you a sense of safety. With an inbuilt temperature sensor, the digital display on the shower head helps you to identify the safe temperature for your shower while it illuminates your shower. The temperature is displayed on an LED screen and its digital display makes it easier to read even in the rainfall shower. It also features a high pressure jet shooting at the perfect temperature to meet your skin desire.

The shower head is extremely and worth the value. It provides a very nice stream of water at all temperatures and doesn’t even require a battery to charge the LED. The temperature reading is accurate and comes with several color combinations to help you identify the safe zone just by looking at the color. The shower head is so simple in design that the initial installation will not even take 5 minutes and is also easy to maintain. The chrome finish also gives it an amazing trendy look.

This LED based shower faucet is guaranteed to add class to your bathroom and fulfill all your style and comfort requirements for your shower. It is so durable that it will confer you a sense of contentment when you buy it.

Light in the Box LED Shower Head

This shower head is assured to enhance the elegance of your bathroom’s look. The 20 inch square rainfall shower head is made of stainless steel and the chrome finish make it extremely stylish and sophisticated. The copper made sprinkle faucets makes it durable as well as mighty resistant to high temperature and any kind of corrosion.

The shower head also comes with a setting to change the color of the LED lights to provide gentle illumination for your shower experience. It also features an inbuilt temperature setting that indicates whether the water flowing is hot, warm or cold. With a flow rate of 8-10 L/min and a working pressure of 85 psi, the jet spray feature is assured to offer you a comfortable shower. These numerous features of the shower head make it a perfect modern bathroom appliance that will boost the impact of your bathroom.

The shower head provides a pleasant tropical rainfall type experience that you can cherish throughout your shower. The stylish overhead also gives you a spa experience right from the comfort of your home. The shower head is intended for a ceiling mounting and comes with all relevant fittings to ensure easy installation and minimum maintenance.

Getek Square LED Shower Head

The 8 inch square shower faucet from Getek is the perfect hardware that enhances the elegance of your bathroom. It is a rainfall type water shower that comes with multiple color lights which respond to change in water temperature. The temperature sensor also adds a touch of well-being to your family since it helps you identify the unsafe temperature regions. The color of the shower is blue when the water is cold and gradually turns to red at higher temperature. Green indicates that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. The additional advantage of this system is that you can predict the flow temperature just from the light.

The LED shower head from Getek delivers what it says. It features a gentle spray of water that offers you utmost comfort while taking a shower. It is also extremely easy to install and since it operates on hydro power, there is no hectic schedule of replacing the battery and hence the shower head can be maintained effortlessly.

This shower head is modern, trendy and worth its value. It comes at a very reasonable price and a warranty period of one year. It is one of the best hardware that is bound to impress your family and captivate your guests.

Vida Cora Shower Head System with Pulsating LED

The LED shower head from Vida Cora is one of the best shower heads used in the world today. In addition to an energizing and relaxing glow of LED lights, it also features a filtered shower that helps you to prevent hair loss. It contains inline filters and ionized rare rocks that efficiently wash away the DHT present in the sebum. DHT is harmful for your hair and is the root cause of hair loss. The inline filters also removes 98 % of the chlorine, fluorine and other organic chemicals that is harmful for your hair. In addition, the high powered pulsating LED light helps to stimulate the hair follicles and hence resuscitate your hair.

The shower hose is super flexible and highly durable. It is also easy to install and requires rare maintenance. The shower head guaranteed to provide you a first class showering experience and the ionized water helps you to reduce stress and boosts your energy. This also ensures that you get a soothing rainfall type comfort while having your bath.

This Vida Cora shower head has completely revolutionized our perception on modern bathroom appliances. No other shower head has come up with such unique and fascinating features. The shower head will not only modernize your bathroom but also ensure that you live healthy. Vida Cora has indeed come up with something you have never experienced before.

AKDY LED Shower Panel

The silver colored aluminium LED shower panels from AKDY offer you a luxurious experience during shower. It is a wall mounted shower panel that contains two separate shower heads – a rainfall type shower head and a hand held shower head, both featured with LED lights. Both the shower heads contain pressure balance valves that help to maintain the water pressure and the body spray pattern of water release provides utmost comfort while showering. When the hand held shower is held close, it also provides a sweet message like touch.

The contemporary Euro design in high quality aluminium alloy makes the shower head extremely robust and durable. The chrome-plated brass hose makes it wear resistant and corrosion proof. Moreover, it comes with all the plumbing components that make the installation super easy.

In spite of being a battery operated shower panel, it is easy to maintain and replace the battery as well. The metallic finish makes it ultra-modern. The shower panel has such a wonderful design that it suits in bathrooms with all type of interior decor. It also comes with a year of parts warranty period and this ensures that you can purchase the shower head without any kind of anxiety.

What is an LED Shower Head?

An LED shower head is a type of shower head that illuminates in various colors while taking a shower. They are a fully functional shower head with LED bulbs installed at the head. These bulbs glow in different colors thus offering us a majestic experience while having a shower. The color of the light may be inbuilt or may not be altered by the user as per his preference. In most shower heads, the color of the light is also used to indicate the temperature of flowing water.

These shower heads come with several functionalities. They offer you a variety of spray features, accurate temperature detection with inbuilt temperature sensors and color alteration as per your preference. However, the general purpose served by these shower heads is to provide a cover of light while taking a shower.

Why Use an LED Shower Head?

There are several reasons why purchasing an LED based shower faucets is smarter than purchasing a conventional shower head. The numerous features of LED shower faucets are just one of the reasons why they are taking over conventional shower heads in all modern and luxurious bathrooms.

  • With diverse color coalitions, the lighting not only helps you enhance your mood but also makes you more relaxed or energized.
  • Lights in the shower heads can serve as a huge encouragement for kids to take shower.
  • The shower heads come with a wide range of functionality. It provides several spray settings and many shower heads also offer accurate temperature detection to help you identify whether the water is safe to use at the temperature. All these additional features make these shower heads much more superior than the rest.
  • The shower heads are also easy to install and maintain. So there is no additional anxiety regarding the maintenance.
  • Unlike Led faucets, most Led shower heads are hydro powered and do not operate on batteries. Hence, there are no worries regarding regular replacement of the batteries.

LED featured shower heads are wonderful choice for those who want to modernize their bathrooms and add value to their property. These are extremely trendy and stylish that makes your bathroom classified from others.

Choosing the Best LED Shower Head

With the increasing demand for modernized and fashionable bathroom appliances, several bathroom hardware companies are coming up with LED featured shower heads. However all shower heads might not offer you the same quality service. Although you can definitely choose from the best LED shower heads reviewed above yet you must have a modest idea on how to choose the right shower head to ensure that your purchase offers you and your family a long period of service. The following section will provide you an adept perception on how to choose the best ones.

It is important to know the material with which the shower head is made of. You should always choose metallic hardware when it comes to shower head. At the same time, the finish is of equal importance because it determines how robust and durable your shower head is. A chrome finish is mostly preferred because it makes the shower head resistant to wear and corrosion.

The shape and size of the shower head is also an important consideration. Most modern bathrooms come with elegant designs and several curves. Based on the interior design of your bathroom, you should select the appropriate shower head between round or oval and square or rectangle. Make sure that your choice suits your bathroom decor.

The LED based shower heads come with several functionalities. Some offer you a variety of spray features while some comes with inbuilt temperature sensors and color alteration circuits. Incorporating all these features in your shower head might be expensive and sometimes needless. Hence, it is important that you identify your requirements and choose a shower head with fewer spray settings and a basic design. Selecting an LED shower head with inbuilt temperature sensors to indicate a region of safety is always advisable.

While most LED based shower heads are hydro powered, there are some that operates on batteries. If you choose a shower head that operates on batteries, you should make sure that you know how to replace the batteries. Hydro powered LED shower faucets are easy to maintain and keeps you carefree. It is always preferable to use a hydro powered shower head.

Most of these shower heads come with long warranty periods. It is always smart to purchase a shower head with long warranty period so that you are less worried in case there is a fault in the shower head. While buying, you must always inquire if there is any option for an extended warranty.

How Does an LED Shower Head Work?

An LED shower head consists of a number of LED bulbs that are systematically placed at the nozzles of the shower head. These shower heads work on both batteries as well as hydro power. The batteries in case of battery operated shower heads require replacement at regular intervals. However, if you are using hydro powered LED shower, you need not be bothered.

In hydro powered LED showers, the force of the water that rushes through the shower head powers up small electrical turbines and this result in sufficient power generation to make the lights glow. However, these shower heads create brighter or dimmer light depending upon the flow rate through the shower head.

Most LED shower heads also features inbuilt temperature sensors. Basic micro-controllers used in the sensors help to sense how warm or cold the water is. The light responds with one color when the water is cold and with a different color as the temperature increases. The color code for cold water is usually blue, red for hot and green for intermediate.

Safety Precautions

Since LED shower heads work on electricity, there might be a false notion that they carry the threat of electric shocks. LED showers work on a completely safe mechanism to create electricity. They either incorporate the pressure energy of flowing water to power a turbine or use DC batteries as power source. The electricity produced in this case is so low that it won’t affect you even if there is an internal failure in the electric wiring.

The major problem with these shower head is that the temperature sensor might sometimes malfunction and display inaccurate readings. In such a situation, the LED light might glow blue even when the water is blasting hot. This however should not be a concern if you choose to buy your shower head from reputed manufacturers that offers you lost lasting LED lights and proper sensors for their bathroom appliances.


LED shower heads are extremely effective and they offer your bathroom a majestic appearance. It is the trend of the hour and most luxurious and modern properties aim to incorporate these shower heads.

When you have to take a shower daily, why don’t have it in the best possible way that is both fashionable as well as rejuvenating. The multiple variations of light are bound to enhance your mood and give you a wonderful showering experience right from the comfort of your home.

Since, you are now already enlightened about LED shower heads and how to choose the best one for you house, we hope that you find the best LED featured shower head for your household and boost the status of your bathroom and enhance your shower experience.

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