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Best Inflatable Hot Tub Ultimate Guide in 2022


n an attempt to make ends meet, many of us are forced to take on more than one job a day. Even if it just a single job, meeting set targets can leave one extremely exhausted by the time they get home. A fantastic way to rewind, relax and revitalize is to enjoy a hot bath a home. That is where the best inflatable hot tub comes into play.

An inflatable hot tub is perfect for eliminating tension from your whole body, relaxing your muscles, stimulating recovery, reducing tissue pain and renewing your energy. They are extremely easy to use, maintain and install. All you need to do is inflate it with a pump and place it anywhere suitable in your house or compound. Then you will need to fill it with water. When done, you can just drain and then deflate it for storage.

The market is vast with different brands of inflatable hot tubs. While this may be good because you have a large variety to choose from, it presents a big challenge to finding what is truly best. You cannot simply base your decision on what advertisers say about the tub. It is important to do your own research of getting an expert opinion from those who have knowledge of this bathroom accessory. If you find yourself in that situation then there is no need to worry. We will provide you with reviews of the best inflatable hot tubs and a valuable guide to help you make the right decision.

Top 5 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Coleman Lay Z Spa is a large capacity, nicely designed inflatable hot tub designed to help you pamper yourself in heated water encompassed by soothing bubble jets. It incorporates a wonderful state-of-the-art design with great performance to deliver a truly high-quality inflatable hot tub. It is equipped with several great features including the following:

• Sturdy I-Beam Construction

Coleman Lay Z Spa feature walls made using the innovative I-beam technology. This allows you and you important associates to sit on the sides without buckling or bending. Such ability is only possessed by the high-quality inflatable hot tub. This also adds to the durability of the Lay Z Spa inflatable tub.

• Very Strong and Durable

To serve you for years on end without damage or failure, the Coleman Lay Z Spa features a leathernoid and puncture resistant exterior. The outer surface of this hot tub is made with a TriTech 3-ply reinforced material designed with a polyester mesh core surrounded by two layers of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to provide for extra strength and durability.

• Intuitive Digital Control Panel

Controlling the heating system of an inflatable hot tub manually can be cumbersome and interfere with your prospects of enjoying a truly revitalizing hot bath. Thankfully, you do not have to do that with the Coleman Lay Z Spa. It features an intuitive digital control panel with and auto start/stop timer-controlled heating system. All you need to do is simply set the temperature you desire and then switch on the Lay-Z-Massage system for comfortable, rejuvenating and relaxing spa experience.

• Cushioned Air Pad Floor

This great inflatable hot tub features a cushioned air pad floor sitting underneath the spa. They provide added comfort under your foot and backside. They also help with insulating to tab and thereby minimize the loss of heat via the base of the tab. Thus, you can maintain the desire tub temperature for a long time to enable you to enjoy.

• Large capacity

This tub has a water capacity of 254 gallons (963 liters) and human capacity of 4-6 adults. This capacity is great. It simply means it can accommodate a family of four. As a couple, you can invite family friends who are also couples or just two pairs of love birds and enjoy an invigorating spa experience in the comfort of your home.

Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to operate and maintain thanks to digital control panel.
  • Extremely strong and durable to serve you for longer.
  • Rapid, easy-set up and inflates with the provided pump – no tools are needed.
  • It is large capacity with capability to carry 4-6 adults – great for families.
  • Provides pampering, soothing and relaxing bubble jets.
  •  Heats rapidly and insulated to keep water hot for longer.
  • Coleman Lay Z Spa is quite affordable given its quality.


  • This inflatable hot tub is quite noisy even without leakage and this may not auger well with some users.
  •  Some units come with design flaws but the return window is very limited.

Intex Pure Spa 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Ultimate Bundle Package Review

The Intex Pure Spa 4-person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub gives you an equally high performing and nicely designed tub that you can check out. With it, you can pamper yourself and your loved ones in enjoyable heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets. It has technologically advanced features and specifications responsible for its great quality and performance. Here are the most important of those features and specifications:

• Durable Fiber-Tech Construction

Intex Pure Spa Portable features durable Fiber-Tech Construction including 48 Fiber-Tech™ beams, which ensure that you can site on the walls or even edges without the inflatable tub buckling or bending. Such construction is strong enough to allow you to take a seat on the side when all you desire is to dip your feet.

• Perfect accessories

To enhance your comfort and enjoyment, the Intex Pure Spa 4-person portable hot tub comes with a number of vital accessories. It comes with the Intex PureSpa headrest, seat and cup holder. It also comes with an inflatable, easy to remove headrest that supports both your head and your neck as you indulge in the spa. The headrest is designed to be placed on top of the wall of the spa and is weighted down (when water filled) to secure it in place. Also included is a refreshment tray.

The refreshment tray and the cup holder are vital if you want to enjoy relaxing drink with your favorite snack by having them right by your side. These accessories feature the same color and contour as the spa to fit around and match the spa. Furthermore, they are designed to attach securely to the wall of the spa for convenience. All the accessories are removable to make is to manage the spa.

• Intex PureSpa Maintenance Kit

The only way to ensure your inflatable hot tub serves you optimally is to maintain it properly. For that reason, Intex PureSpa is equipped with a special maintenance kit, which includes a mesh skimmer, brush and scrubber pad. Even more encouraging is that you can use the kit to clean all types of spas. A clean spa means good health for you but it also improves the lifespan of the spa.

• Filter cartridge and hard water treatment system

Unlike the Coleman Lay Z Spa reviewed earlier, the Intex PureSpa features two unique easy-to-replaces filter cartridges for clear and clean refreshing spa water. It also features a built-in hard water treatment system, which makes the spa water gentler on your skin for a perfectly soothing experience.

Pros and cons


  • Easy to use touch button activates soothing bubble jets and sets desired temperature.
  • Made from durable construction material for strength and durability.
  • Comes with several accessories for added performance and convenience.
  • Includes spa management kit for easy spa maintenance.
  • Filter cartridges and hard water treatment systems improve the quality and safety of spa water.


  • Its motor is a little bit noisy thus interfering with privacy.
  • With a capacity of just 4, it is among the smallest in the industry.

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub Review

This Intex Pure Spa 6-person inflatable hot tub is the bigger cousin of the Intex Pure Spa 4-person model. Besides the difference in size, they share a number of features and specifications. It is optimized to allow you to forget the daily hassles and get lost in the world of relaxation via the soothing effects of 140 heated bubble jets. Here are the features that set it apart from its competition:

• Simple Maintenance

To improve the quality of your spa water, this model features a two-way filter cartridge capable of removing dirt and debris from the water. A built-in hard water treatment system, on the other hand, softens the spa water to make it gentler on your skin for a more soothing spa experience. To crown it, this Intex inflatable hot tub comes with a maintenance kit comprising a mesh skimmer, a rubber scrub, and a brush. This maintenance kit can be used in other spas as well.

• The Fiber-Tech Construction

To ensure that your spa serves you for years to comes, Intex has used a strong and durable material for its construction. It features Fiber-Tech Construction including the technologically advanced 48 Fiber-Tech beams. This construction ensures you spa is resistant to bending or buckling due to weight. The Intex Pure Spa 6-person Inflatable Portable has enough strength to allow you to take a seat if all you desire is dip your feet in the hot water.

• Easy To Use Control Panel

To get started with your relaxation, this spa features an easy to use control panel that lets you activate the 140 high power heated bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing and invigorating massage. Besides control, this accessory is easy to use. It is ready for inflation in just about 20 minutes and allows for deflation for storage and transportation.

• Efficient Heating

A unique feature that sets the Intex Pure Spa 6-person inflatable hot tub is its ability to heat air prior to bubbling through the spa water. This ensures no cold air bubbles through the water during the heating process. Most other brands do not have this capability. The heating component of this spa is also of high quality and can maintain the desired temperatures for as long as you want to enjoy the hot bath.

• Large capacity

This inflatable hot tub is a good idea for a family. With a capacity of six persons, you can have your entire family enjoying with you relaxing, rejuvenating and soothing spa experience whenever they need it.

Pros and Cons


  • Sets up easily and fast without the need for any tools.
  • Easy to use control panels lets you control your spa effortlessly.
  • It comes with necessary accessories to optimize your relaxation.
  •  Strong and durable to last for years to come.
  • Optimal comfort provided by headrest and seat.
  • Filter cartridge and hard water treatment system ensure clean, gentle and healthy spa water.


  • It is quite pricey when compared to others with comparable features.
  • Bubble use tends to drop spa temperatures significantly.
  • Temperature increases by just 2-degrees in an hour.

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub Review

The Palm Springs AirJet by SaluSpa is a great inflatable hot tub to include in your hunting list. SaluSpa designed this spa to accommodate 4-6 persons and made it from durable materials. It also has cushioned floor to ensure your comfort. It has many additional features that make it ideal for anyone wanting to unwind after a hectic day at work. Other great features include:

• Rapid Heating System

This tub is designed to heat water to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit at average speeds of 2 – 3 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you will need a longer heating time if the initial temperature of the water you intend to use is too low. To quicken the heating time and maintain the heat, this inflatable tub features an insulated cover. This model does not allow you to enjoy bubble massage and have the heater turned on at the same time.

• Water Filtration System

Compared to Intex Pure Spa model reviewed above which come with both water filtration and hard water treatment systems, the SaluSpa Springs AirJet only comes with the water filtration system. It includes a floating chemical dispenser where you can place bromide or chlorine to ensure the tub water remains clean and safe for weeks depending on how frequently you use your hot tub.

• Timer-Controlled Heating System

Palm Springs AirJet’s comes with control unit attached to the side of the tub. This location makes the digital panel easily accessible and makes the tub easy to operate. The panel’s LED is bright to let you see the display even when you are enjoying the spa in bright daylight. Buttons are responsive and you can turn the heat on for 72 hours maximum after which the heating system shuts down automatically. The timer-controlled feature allows you to set the heat to set itself off automatically between these times.

• 4 – 6 person capacity

This great inflatable hot tub is designed to accommodate a maximum of 6 “normal size” persons. This may be correct by in practical situation, having six adults sitting in this tub would be quite hectic and uncomfortable. Legroom would be limited and I guess you will not be comfortable having your leg crossed with another person. Otherwise, four adults may sit comfortably. Two adults and four children is also a possibility especially if all are small-sized. When four or fewer people are using the tab, there is enough legroom even for individuals 6ft tall.

Pros and cons


  • Large enough to accommodate up to 6 users at the same time.
  • Fitted with air bubble jets for soothing and relaxing massage.
  • Sturdy and durable construction great for longevity.
  • It is quite affordable given its size and quality.
  • Rapid heating and very easy to operate.
  • Quick and easy to set up, no tools required.


  • It is impossible to run the heater and the air bubbles at the same time.
  • Does not possess hydro jets necessary for more intense spa experience.
  • Manufacturer customer care is not as responsive and helpful as it should be.

SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Review

The SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet Inflatable Spa is perfectly designed for those who want to enjoy a refreshing moment of spa outdoors. It is a highly affordable, go-everywhere hot tub suitable for home, hunting camp or even cabin use. Its color and designed blend perfectly when placed on top of a wooden deck or even the lawn. Here are the main features:

• No skill, no tool installation

This spa is extremely easy to set up. It does not require any skills to figure out how it works. Despite this, the manufacturer still includes a user manual to guide you on the installation process. It takes just a couple of minutes to have the inflatable spa up and running. Furthermore, you do not require any tools to complete the process. The Realtree MAX-5 AirJet inflates using the spa’s pump.

• Durable Construction

The SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet Inflatable Spa is designed to serve you for years without bowing to elements or other influences. It features a sturdy I-beam construction, which ensures superior structural stability and therefore durability. The outer wall is made of equally strong fabric coated Realtree MAX-5 material.

• Convenience Features

This spa has many features that make it extremely convenient to use. It is fitted with soft, insulated floor having a convenient drain valve for easy draining of used spa water. It also features two easy-lift handles designed to help you move the spa when it is empty. Furthermore, a reinforced cover fitted with safety locks and inbuilt air chamber offers inflation when you are not using the spa.

• Digitally Controlled Pump

As already mentioned, this spa inflates using its own pump. The pump is digitally controlled and it features a soft touch control panel as well as a LED display. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter supplies the pump. The spa is fitted with power saving system featuring an automatic start and stop timer-controlled heating system. The spa water heats to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius.

• Integrated water filtration system

In order to ensure your spa water is clean and devoid of harmful dirt and debris, the SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet features an integrated water filtration system. Furthermore, a chemical floater is designed to release chlorine or bromide to combat waterborne organisms that might be harmful to you and the other users of the spa.

Pros and cons


  • Relaxing and soothing AirJet system.
  • Unique and beautiful Realtree MAX-5 print outside and mosaic print inside.
  • Very easy to use thanks to digital control panel with LED display.
  • Easy-lift handles for effortless transportation and portability, and lock clips for safety.
  • Sturdy construction material for superior stability.
  • No professional installation or tools needed- inflates using spa’s pump.
  • Very affordable given its quality and performance when compared to competitors with similar capabilities.


  • Quite small in size for those looking for an inflatable hot tub for family.
  • It does not possess hard water treatment system.

What Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

We have been talking a lot about an inflatable hot tub but how can you define what it is if you were to be asked? These accessories are simply soft hot tubs commonly made from PVC that require inflating before use. Inflatable hot tubs are easy to move giving them the name portable hot tubs. It can, therefore, be defined as a lightweight, durable and revolutionary to meet the needs for actual portability and energy efficiency.

Inflatable hot tub comes in different sizes to accommodate the needs of prospective customers. A basic hot tub uses a pretty simple mechanism. They usually come with a water pump that directs water through a filtration system. A heating system blows hot air through the water heating it to a certain degree (maximum is 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius).

Things to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Hot Tub

Shopping for a portable hot tub requires a lot of keenness. Finding the best is as important as buying the best showerhead, bathroom faucets, steam shower and other bathroom accessories. Buying the wrong tub cost you a lot of money because it may fail and require replacement. So, how do you go about finding the best inflatable hot tub to buy? Here are the important considerations:

• Construction Material

Although soft sided hot tubs are generally less durable compared to other materials such as stainless steel, thermoplastic and thick wood, high-quality brands feature strong construction material. Most use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has been hardened to improve durability. Great inflatable hot tubs also feature I-beam construction to prevent buckling or bending if you sit on sides.

• The Inflatable Hot Tub Covers

The cover of an inflatable hot tub is meant to provide the spa with insulation to prevent heat loss when not in use. Come brands come with their own matching covers but others may require you to buy a compatible cover separately. You can choose between vinyl and foam covers. The vinyl covers are better because they are lightweight, durable and capable of providing reliable insulation. High-quality covers feature an air bladder that creates a pocket of air underneath the cover for better insulation and prevention of water run off.

• Presence Of Hot Tub Jets

High-quality inflatable hot tubs should have a good number of jets to provide a soothing massage to the users of the spa. The number of jets ranges in number from a few tens to over 100. The more the Jets then better the massaging experience.

• Ease of cleaning and maintenance

You should look for an inflatable hot tub with features that make it easy to clean and maintain. Such features include a maintenance kit with scrubber, brush and surface skimmer. The spa should also possess a water filter and possible a hard water treatment system to soften saltwater. Another important feature to look out for the presence is a chemical dispenser.

• Health Benefits And Cautions

A hot tub has both benefits and risks. You already know the many benefits of using a hot tub. Before buying your favorite inflatable spa, you should weigh the potential risks and benefits you will get from your investment. However, you do not have to worry about the risks if you are ready to take the necessary precautions when using the spa.

• Warranty

No matter how great a product may be, some units may feature manufacturing flaws that you will only come to the knowledge of after purchasing the spa and using it a couple of times. It is thus important to go for products (whether bathroom faucets, steam showers, showerhead or inflatable hot tub) with good warranty policy so that you do not lose out. The longer the warranty period, the better will be your chances of successfully returning a faulty portable hot tub. Details of the warranty are also important.

• Cost

Budgeting is essential for any kind of purchase. You have to shop for an inflatable hot tub that fits your budget. It is normal that high-quality brands are quite pricey but in the end, they prove to be cheaper because they require no frequent replacement. Besides, they offer you a good return for your money due to a great performance.

Inflatable Hot Tub Usage Tips

In order to get the best out of your hot tub, you must use it the right way. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize the use of your hot tub:

• Where To Place The Hot Tub

Since inflatable hot tubs are portable, you can place the literally anywhere as long as there is access to water and electricity. It can be in your room, garden, lawn or even backyard. However, you have to ensure the surface you are placing it on is free from sharp objects and ensure the grand is flat and level. You will find the information in the user manual.

• How Often Should You Change The Water In The Hot Tub?

The first indication that you need to change your spa water is when you notice cloudiness and foaming. This indicates the presence of impurities. Also, if the water has a strange smell then it signals the need to change it. An easy way to know how often you should change the water involves a simple arithmetic.

Take the capacity of the spa in terms of gallons then divide it by the number of users. Then divide the result with three. For instance, is the capacity is 320 liters and four people use it then just divide 320 by 4, which will give your 80. Divide 80 by 3 and you will 27. This you should replace your spa water every 27 days.

• How Often Should You Clean The Tub?

If you notice any of the changes mentioned above such as cloudiness, foam, and smell then you can initiate the cleaning process. You should clean more frequently than you change the water because cleaning is much easier, quicker and cheaper.

• How Often Should You Replace Filter Cartridge?

The filter cartridge usually traps partially dissolved solid particles. This can reduce energy efficiency and the performance of the filter. You should replace the filter cartridge if it starts to show signs of damage or wear. In addition, you should think about replacing it if the water going through it lacks pressure. Generally, you should replace the filter cartridge after one year of use no matter how often you use the spa.

• What Level Of Air Should The Tub Have?

Depending on the brand, inflatable hot tubs always have air jets that provide bubbles for soothing relaxation. A higher air level may reduce the heating speed of the water in some brands and therefore you need to balance between the two.

Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub

There are many ways of relaxing after a hectic day. Why would you choose to buy somewhat costly inflatable hot tub? There are many benefits of this accessory. Here are the main ones:

  • Provides and economical alternative to hard hot tubs or Jacuzzis
  • They affordable, portable, easy to install and maintain
  •  Offers a great way to promote family bonding moments or to entertain valued guests
  •  Several health benefits from self-relaxation including relaxed muscles, promote blood flow through the body, renews energy, eliminate stress and improve skin health

Safety Precautions

Anything, no matter how great it is, can cause serious problems if not used cautiously. The same goes for inflatable hot tubs. In order to prevent physical and health risks, here are some safety precautions to take when using inflatable spas:

  • Do not sit in the heated water longer than necessary to prevent skin conditions.
  • Ensure you clean the tub as often as possible.
  • Place it in the right place that is level, flat and free from sharp objects.
  • Do not allow very young children to use the spa without inspection to reduce chances of drowning.
  • Do not enter the hot tub if you are suffering from diarrheal disease.
  • Check with your medical doctor if you or any prospective user has a skin condition that can be exacerbated by long heated soaks.
  • Avoid using the spa if you have been drinking because of synergistic effects.
  • Shower with clean water and soap before entering the inflatable tub to eliminate bodily fluids, skin bacteria, deodorants, creams and lotions that might interfere with spa water.


In case you have been looking purchase the best inflatable hot tub then I believe you are now well informed to make the right decision. We have included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you research if you do not like out top 5 picks. Anyway, an inflatable hot tub is the way to go to avoid the hefty costs of Jacuzzis and hard hot tubs. Their portability and ease of use make them ideal for families and friends that need a relaxing way to bond. Most brands are affordable even though they are high quality making this a worthy investment.

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