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How to choose Best high pressure shower head for low water pressure?

Showering is a nice way to clean up quickly as well soothe one’s mind after a tiring schedule. People have different preferences while bathing and a high pressure shower is often the desired option. Generally houses are may have a low water pressure due to the lesser height of water reservoir but using different shower heads the pressure can be increased or adjusted suitably.

While some people prefer using dual showers or dual headed showers for getting more water but using a suitable high pressure shower head this can be achieved easily. For people who enjoy a more powerful shower, a high pressure shower head will provide the perfect bathing option at any time.

People should check in case the house has leakage problems or fixture issues in case their water pressure is unusually low. A plumber may be sufficient for checking the entire house and pipelines along with the existing shower heads for providing ample pressure by fixing any problems with the water supply system. This article informs people on how to choose the best shower head for low water pressure.

High Pressure Shower Head ?

A shower head which has been specially designed in order to provide people with a larger amount of water pressure using the same amount of water flow is known as high pressure shower head. Generally available shower heads come with restrictors attached which only allows 2.5 gallons of water per minute into the shower head, some people remove these restrictors in order to get more water flow but this wastes water. On the opposite, using a high pressure shower head allows the user to get more pressure and also save water in many cases.

High pressure shower heads may include adjustable design which allows water to flow in pressure out of the holes. Some shower heads may also use a pressure chamber which adds air and pressure to the shower head while forcing out more water.

Advantages of a high pressure shower head

A high pressure shower head has many advantages. It can be used to save water by employing efficient designs which use less water but provide sufficient pressure. A high pressure shower also helps to relax the tired muscles of body by providing them with a good massage especially when taking a hot shower.

The high pressure of jet streams also helps in thoroughly cleaning the soaps and shampoos of the body and hair. Since higher pressure takes less time to clean off the soaps and dirt, people can easily save time and water by taking quick and efficient showers.

Low water pressure

There can be different reasons for having low water pressure in the shower and home. This can usually happen due to the water flow pressure in the house being low. If the water coming from the supply is at a low pressure or the reservoir is situated at a lower height then often people use a regulator or a pump which helps in maintaining the water pressure at a normal level.

The low water pressure in a house may also be caused due to leakage problems which can appear in pipes or joints. Some fixtures may also be broken or valves which do not close properly. Overall, faulty plumbing can also be a reason for having low water pressure in the house.

The low water pressure in shower may also be caused due to a shower head which is not working properly or because the shower is an outdated one which does not have the capability to produce high pressure streams in the given water flow.

How to increase shower head water pressure?

The shower head pressure can be increased by increasing the flow rate or changing the shower head. As it is apparent, changing a shower head obviously seems the easier solution here. Although people should consider getting their pipelines and water supply regulators checked thoroughly by a plumber in case shower heads still seem to have problems in producing high pressure water.

A high pressure shower head efficiently increases the water pressure by adjusting the number or size of holes or else developing pressure by adding air in a pressure chamber.

Guiding to choose the best shower head for low water pressure?

Choosing the best shower head for the home can be quite a difficult task as there are so many options out there to compete with each other. Different shower heads come with mechanisms which enable them to generate more pressure for the shower even when the flow pressure is low.

Depending on how much pressure you need and what purpose you have for your shower, there can be a number of options. Some shower heads may also depend on the size and shape of the bathroom or the space available to people when they shower. Some showers may offer thin powerful streams which are quite enjoyable especially while taking a hot shower while many shower heads come with adjustable heads for different uses.

Different materials define the durability of a shower different metals such as copper and brass have often been used in designing the shower heads.

Other technologies used by the shower head company may also help it further in increasing its efficiency as well as capability to save water. Different adjustments alter the number and size of jets in the shower.

People can choose from a wide range of showers from fixed showers, dual showers or handheld showers to opt for the best option according to their needs. The size of the shower head is also an important factor in deciding as it decides the area which the shower is going to cover when in use.

Since there are so many options with the brands, people can also choose whether they want to buy a hi-tech shower head or go for something which is rather simple and priced at a lower cost. Sometimes the cost difference may also be due to quality in which case you would want to choose carefully and decide between their advantages and shortcomings.

Reviews of top 5 high pressure shower heads you should choose

Out of the many different choices, this review has selected the best 5 high pressure shower heads for people to use. These shower heads have been selected based on their features and usability along with other general factors.

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

Providing the benefit of using lesser water, this showerhead can literally save hundreds of dollar a year on water and power bills. Their patented technology on the FCS nozzle of the showerhead allows people to get an experience of a much higher flowing shower as compared to the conventional showers which use 2.5 gallons per minute of water. Claiming to be a Green Product, this showerhead makes a good option for people who want to save more water.

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

This brass made showerhead is a true beauty by all means. It features a patented Anystream 360 degrees technology and comes with 6 adjustable jets which are capable of producing 48 different sprays. It also features a patented Speakman plunger system along with self-cleaning nozzles and operates at a flow of 2.5 gallons per minute. This shower head is ideal for high pressure showers as it provides consistent and powerful performance even during low water pressure.

Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

For people concerned with simple yet effective products, this showerhead is the perfect choice as it delivers high pressure of water even when the water pressure level in the house is low. This showerhead features a wide array of patterns and adjustments which allow people to get different experiences. This shower also features a massage mode along with a massage and shower mode for providing extra relaxation to people while bathing. With so many adjustments, it’s hard not to make this choice.

WantBa 6 Inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head

When it comes to covering a good area, a 6 inch showerhead is something which will certainly not fall short on anyone’s expectations. This showerhead uses the standard U.S. 2.5 GPM flow control. This showerhead allows the users to experience a superior quality of pressure and showering experience even during low water flow situations. Made using stainless steel, this showerhead is finished on the outside with chrome.

Speakman S-2251-ORB Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

This showerhead is a great option for low water pressure applications. It really costs less and transforms the showering experience by a great deal. This product is highly liked by people and is often advised by experts. It works on the standard 2.5 GPM water flow and comes with 4 massage settings which people can set as per their preference to get the best showering experience. This showerhead is made out of tough and durable quality while the manufacturers give out a 5 year warranty to their customers in case it ever shows up any problems.

Thus, with the proper guidelines and options people can choose the Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure. Keeping all the important points into consideration while comparing showers is important as it helps in selecting the best shower according to personal and individual needs of a person.

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