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Bathing your dog in the shower


lot of people would argue that outside in the yard is fine. As the owner and breeder of Champion Show Dogs, I would disagree. Quality of coat is a number one factor in the ring, and something I want for my adorable mixed breeds, too. A good coat needs a proper bath.

So what is a proper bath?

Start with a good quality dog shampoo – human shampoo has a different Ph. factor, so is not recommended. Shut the bathroom door to discourage any escape artists!

Put a non-slip rug in the shower basin to help the dog feel secure and protect the surface from scratching. Be reassuring and offer treats to create a positive feeling. Use only warm water, as it helps the shampoo work better and rinses off more easily. A good shower head is a help. I’ve got a Moen handheld showerhead which has got multiple functions. A hand held is the only way to get the dog properly bathed and rinsed. I vary the flow depending on whether I want to build lather or rinse off. Dilute the shampoo for ease of use and spread it all over the dog. When you’re bathing a dog, you should always move the coat in the opposite direction so you get to the skin until the final rinse, when you go the normal way again, so the coat lies well afterwards. You can use either a human or dog conditioner for extra gloss.

Remember to rinse and rinse and rinse again!

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