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How to repair your shower hose – handheld shower head?

Repairing your shower hose may appear as a dirty and heavy task but it is one of the simplest home improvement tasks you will ever come across. A damaged shower hose robs you the comfort of enjoying your shower to the maximum. A shower that hardly splutters water is not only time consuming but stressful.

First thing to do is to find replacements that are universal and this will depend upon the head design of your shower head. Using a piece of cloth and pliers, detach the shower hose from the shower head. However, if you choose to replace both the shower head and the hose, there will be no need to detaching the current head from the shower hose.

Replace the damaged hose with a new one and make sure the joints are firmly tightened. This will prevent water from oozing out. Do not over-tighten the joints since this may cause damage to the washers.

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